Kercem Ajax Stadium

St Lawrence S           :           0


  1. Fenech, L. Buttigieg, S. Sultana (J. Theuma), C. Cardona (C. Cauchi), S. Mizzi, M.S. Telessi, J. Gima, D. Micallef, M. Mamo, C. Tabone, L. Attard (J. Micallef).


Qala S                         :           0


  1. Buttigieg, S. Sillato, J. Rapa, M. Pace, F. Mumford, B. Meilak, D. Zamora, C. Caruana (C. Portelli), L. Meilak (G. Sillato), J. Buttigieg, W. Cassar (M. Cefai).

St Lawrence Spurs and Qala Saints repeated the same score of the match of the first round between the two sides so that at the end of the match the two sides left the field disappointed for dropping precious points.  The two sides were aiming to obtain a victory from this encounter.  The Spurs need points to keep their challenge for promotion while Qala seemed determined to obtain their second win in the campaign and to move to a better position on the standings.  At the end the point obtained by the two sides is well deserved as they both tried hard to win the match.  The two sides produced some good scoring opportunities but the strikers were well controlled by the respective defenders and as a result they rarely arrived in a comfortable position to conclude at goal.


Play was quite balanced during the first half as the two sides tried to produce offensive play.  However, the two defensive departments were often in control of the respective strikers so that the serious actions at goal were quite rare.  During the opening stages the Spurs went closets to scoring through two attempts by Mohammed Senussi Tellessi were blocked by their defense, while Qala could have produced more danger on 20 minutes but a shot by Luke Meilak missed the target.  On the half hour mark St Lawrence had a direct fre3e kick by Mohammed Senussi Telessi that ended inches wide and on 33 minutes Qala had three consecutive attempts by Luke Meilak, Dario Zamora and Joseph Buttigieg following a corner kick by Brian Meilak that were blocked on the fatal line by St Lawrence’s keeper and the defense.


In the fourth minute of play of the second period St Lawrence had a strike form long distance by Mohammed Senussi Telessi that was stopped by the crossbar, and on 55 minutes the same Libyan striker had a header following a cross by Christian Cardona that hit the post.  On 65 minutes Qala replied with a good shot by Dario Zamora following a personal action that was well saved by goalie Elliott Fenech.  Two minutes later St Lawrence’s substitute Jason Theuma hot badly from close distance following a cross by Christian Cardona so that goalie Franco Buttigieg saved without difficulty.  St Lawrence were again dangerous on 70 minutes but a header from close distance by Charlon Tabone from a free kick by James Grima ended just wide.  One minute later Qala could have opened the score but Luke Meilak concluded away from goal from a good position.  On 78 minutes the Spurs had a low shot from outside the area by Jason Theuma that was neutralized by goalie Franco Buttigieg and two minutes later goalie Elliott Fenech saved the result for his side when he managed to block a close ranged attempt by Qala’s substitute Christian Portelli who was alone in the area.


Referee: Kyle Beeston