GFA BOV GFL Division II                                                                            Sannat Ground


Qala S                         :           1          (D. Zamora 11’)


  1. Buttigieg, M. Pace, F. Mumford, S. Sillato, G. Sillato, B. Meilak (M. Cefai), J. Buttigieg, L. Meilak (S. Sultana), C. Caruana (C. Portelli), W. Cassar, D. Zamora.


St Lawrence S           :           5          (D. Di Maio 18’pen, 75’, 69’pen, 73’pen; C. Tabone 80’)


  1. Fenech, L. Buttigieg, J. Micallef, S. Mizzi, M. Mamo (C. Tabone), C. Cauchi (L. Attard), J. Grima, J. Portelli (J. Theuma), D. Micallef, C. Mercieca, D. Di Maio.


St Lawrence Spurs recovered from a difficult start in their match against Qala Saints and ended up dominating over their opponents to earn three deserved points which leaves them co-leaders on the table.  The two previous matches between the two sides in the championship ended in goalless draws while Qala defeated the Spurs in the semi-final match of the Knock Out competition for the category.  Thus, the two sides were motivated to obtain the three points at stake from this encounter and as a result play was well contested for more than an hour.  St Lawrence prevailed over their opponents during the final stages of the match and managed to clinch a comfortable win by converting three penalty kicks, where Denis Di Maio ended up the main protagonist by scoring four of the five goals for his side.


Qala seemed in a better shape during the opening minutes and opened the score on 11 minutes when Dario Zamora took the ball following a bad intervention by the goalkeeper and netted easily with a low shot.  The Spurs levelled the score on 18 minutes when the referee awarded a penalty for a foul by Michael Pace on Denis Di Maio and the striker converted from the spot kick.  St Lawrence increased their efforts and enjoyed command of play in the following minutes.  On 26 minutes an effort by Denis Di Maio from a good position ended wide and Qala replied two minutes later through a free kick by Brian Meilak that was neutralised by goalie Elliott Fenech.  On the half hour mark St Lawrence turned the result in their favour through a low shot by Denis Di Maio following a personal action.  Qala went close to score an equaliser on 43 minutes through a close ranged attempt by Christoph Caruana from a corner action that was turned to another corner by goalie Elliott Fenech.


The Spurs took command of play after the break and on 58 minutes Denis Di Maio had a goal that was disallowed for an offside infringement.  On 69 minutes the Spurs were awarded a second penalty when Denis Di Maio ended on the floor in the area following a challenge by Gabriel Sillato, and the former increased the lead for his side with his shot from the spot kick.  St Lawrence were awarded the third penalty four minutes later following a challenge by central defender Michael Pace on Denis Di Maio and the striker made it 4-1 with his shot from the 11 metres.  St Lawrence sealed the victory with the fifth goal on 80 minutes through Charlon Tabone who had a header that ended on the crossbar and the same player guided the ball into an open goal from the rebound.


Referee: Paul Toledo