GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I
Gozo Stadium

SK Victoria W : 0

L. Camilleri, J. Buhagiar, I. Xuereb, G.D. Diaz Valdiviezo (N. Vella), D. Udo Monday, C. Sciortino, P. Dordevic, S. Harland, A.A. Ige, A. Touarha (N. Cini), B. Bulatovic.

Ghajnsielem : 0

M. Vella, J. Buttigieg, D. Mercieca, J.J. Sandobal Guarin, K. Mercieca, Al. Xuereb (D. Hili), A. Oularbi, S.F. Bajada, S. Bajada, O.D. Guerrero Alvaraldo, E.F. Da Silva Santos.

The match between SK Victoria Wanderers and Ghajnsielem was a direct clash between two sides who are seeking to get away from the relegation zone as early as possible.  The two sides tried to earn a victory from this direct clash but at the end both SK Victoria Wanderers and Ghajnsielem showed limitations in attack as they both failed to capitalise from the scoring opportunities that they created.  For most of the encounter victory could have gone either way but during the dying moments of the match Ghajnsielem produced more offensive play and Victoria’s rear guard was often forced to defend the result with a large number of players in front of their goalkeeper.

During the first part of the match Ghajnsielem saw more of the ball but they found it difficult to produce danger to Victoria’s keeper.  The Wanderers were well organised at the defence and also created some opportunities where they could have opened the score.  In the third minute of play a strike by Aaron Touarha had a strike after receiving from Predrag Dordevic that hit the crossbar and on 24 minutes Victoria’s Sam Harland entered the area with a personal action but his low cross did not find any strikers to connect.  On the half hour mark Predrag Dordevic could have concluded better when he was in an ideal position within Ghajnsielem’s area and on 36 minutes the Blacks created their first serious attempt that arrived through a direct corner kick by Shaun Bajada that as saved to a corner with difficulty by Victoria’s keeper Leonard Camilleri.  The same goalkeeper was called to make another good intervention on 41 minutes to save to a corner an effort by Oscar Guerrero Alvalaraldo and from the same corner action Dylan Mercieca’s header ended wide.  On 44 minutes the Wanderers had a goal by Bojan Bulatovic, following a low cross by Predrag Dordevic that was disallowed for an offside infringement.  In the first minute of stoppage time before half time Victoria’s keeper hit badly within the area in an attempt to clear the ball from the area but Ghajnsielem’s strikers failed to take advantage of the situation and the defence cleared the danger with some difficulty.

Play continued to be quite balanced after the break and on 54 minutes the Wanderers had an attempt by Abdullahi Ige that missed the target.  Ghajnsielem replied one minute later through a shot by Oscar Guerrero Alvaraldo that was neutralised by goalie Leonard Camilleri.  On 57 minutes the same goalkeeper was well placed to save a free kick by Shaun Bajada.  The same Bajada had a good shot after receiving the ball on the edge of the area that ended just over Victoria’s goal on 63 minutes.  The Wanderers failed to conclude a good action by Aaron Touarha on 68 minutes as Bojan Bulatovic arrived late to the inviting cross.  On 70 minutes Victoria’s substitute Nicholas Vella saved his area with a fine intervention to clear to a corner an initiative by Ghajnsielem’s Everton Felipe Da Silva Santos.  From the resultant corner Victoria’s defence managed to clear the ball from the goal mouth with some difficulty and on 74 minutes Victoria’s Predrag Dordevic had an attempt from outside the area that missed the target.  Victoria threatened Ghajnsielem’s rear guard on 82 minutes through a free kick by Bojan Bulatiovic that ended just over the crossbar and on 89 minutes Ghajnsielem almost opened the score but a close ranged shot by Kenneth Mercieca was blocked by goalie Leonard Camilleri.  On 90 minutes the Wanderers operated a dangerous counter break but defender Dylan Mercieca recovered in time and cleared the danger before Sam Harland could conclude towards goal.  In the third minute of stoppage time the Blacks protested for a penalty alleging handling by David Udo Monday who cleared the ball from the area following a cross from the left flank so that the score remained unchanged until the final whistle.

Referee: Ishmael Barbara