BOV GFA Gozo Football League Division I
Gozo Stadium

Ghajnsielem FC : 1 (Al. Xuereb 25’)

J. Grech, An. Xuereb (R. Grima), D. Mercieca, L.A. Da Melo Lima, K. Mercieca, Al. Xuereb, A. Oularbi, S.F. Bajada, D. Hili (K. Grima), J.J. Sandobal Guarin, E.F. Da Silva Santos (D. Atzori).

Nadur Y : 4 (S. Miloskovic 21’, 87’; N. Stojanovic 54’, S. Attard 70’)

M. Muscat, D. Farrugia, C. Hili (C. Debono), D. Krstic, S. Miloskovic, S. Attard, J. Buttigieg, S. Cassar (B. Said), S. Attard, R. Da Silva, N. Stojanovic.

Nadur Youngsters returned to winning ways in their match against Ghajnsielem so that they showed immediate reaction to their disappointing result conceded the previous weekend in the top-of-the table clash with the leaders.  This was an important match for the two sides as they both needed points for different ambitions.  Nadur needed the full points at stake in their attempt to retain their status as serious challengers for the title, while the blacks were aiming for a positive result in an attempt to earn points to move away from the relegation zone.  The match was quite balanced during the first period abut Nadur dominated the second half and ended up obtaining a convincing win.

During the first part of the encounter Nadur struggled to take command of play as Ghajnsielem were well organised and managed to keeper their area clear form danger.  The Blacks also operated sporadic actions within Nadur’s territory but the actions at goal were rare.  Nadur opened the sore in their first serious attempt towards Ghajnsielem’s goal when a strike from outside the area by Shaun Attard was stopped by the post and from the rebound Stanimir Miloskovic fired the ball in goal. The Blacks replied one minute later through a shot from long distance by Sam Frank Bajada that ended high and on 25 minutes Ghajnsielem levelled the score when Everton Felipe Da Silva Santos unmarked Albert Xuereb inside Nadur’s area and the latter placed in goal, with a low shot.  On 29 minutes Nadur’s debutant Namaja Stojanovic had an attempt following a corner action hat ended wide and on 37 minutes Nadur’s keeper Matthew Muscat punched away the ball from the area and as he was still out of his position, Alberto Xuereb tried a strike from long distance that ended just over the crossbar.  On 40 mints a shot by Nadur’s Shaun Attard missed the target and the score remained unchanged until half time.

Second from the beginning of the second half Ghajnsielem’s Luis Andre Da Melo Lima protested for a penalty alleging handling by Nadur’s central defender Ronaldo Silva but Nadur soon took command of play.  On 50 minutes a free kick by Nemanja Stojanovic ended just high and two minutes later Nadur’s Darko Krstic failed to connect following a free kick by Charles Hili.  Nadur regained the lead on 54 minutes when Nemanja Stojanovic received the ball outside the area and netted with a low shot.  Ghajnsielem were shocked and continued to suffer the pressure.  On 59 minutes a shot by Charles Hili was saved to a corner by goalie Joseph Grech and on 61 minutes a direct free kick by Darko Krstic got a deflection by the wall and the ball shaved the crossbar and ended high.  Nadur however increase their lead on 70 minutes through an excellent shot from outside the area by Shaun Attard that did not give any opportunity to the goalkeeper to save the danger.  The final stages of the encounter were conditioned by the heavy rain that poured at the Gozo Stadium.  On 74 minutes a strike by Charles Hili was again saved by Ghajnsielem’s keeper and on 81 minutes a goal by Darko Krstic following an action by Stanimir Miloskovic was disallowed for an offside infringement.  Nadur scored their fourth goal on 87 minutes through Stanimir Miloskovic who concluded a personal initiative inside Ghajnsielem’s area.  In the third minute of stoppage time Nadur could have scored their fifth goal but a shot by Shaun Attard hit the post and from the rebound Stanimir Miloskovic’s attempt ended away from goal.

Referee: Slobodan Petrovic