GFA Division I KO s/final
Kercem Ajax Stadium

Victoria H : 4 (H. Maciel 23’, 63’; A. Debrincat 32’, E. Lattes 86’)

D. Galea, J. Pace (J. Tabone), A. Azzopardi), D. Sowatey, F. Apap (L. Grima), K. Farrugia, E. Lattes, A. Debrincat, C. Mercieca (J. Camilleri), H. Maciel, E. Da Silva.

Oratory Y : 0

C. Mercieca, S. Azzopardi, R.E. Okpokwu (A. Zammit), M. Azzopardi, J. Buttigieg (G. Attard), K. Farrugia, J. Polo Longarela, L.M. Mba, G.B. Mfulwane, K. Grima (A. Bezzina), D. Azzopardi.

Victoria Hotspurs earned the possibility to win a second trophy this season as they won the second semi final match from the Division I KO competition against Oratory Youths.  This match was played just a few days after the Hotspurs became mathematically champions of the BOV Gozo Football League Division I and was also an ideal opportunity to confirm their good moment of form.  The Hotspurs as expected held command of play for most of the encounter and the victory could have been with a larger margin when considering the goal scoring actions created within Oratory’s area.  The protagonist of the encounter was undoubtedly Victoria’s striker Henrique Maciel who scored two of the four goals for his side.

The Hotspurs as expected took command of play from the early stages but the first serious scoring opportunity arrived from Oratory on 10 minutes when Ralph Ebube Okpokwu entered Victoria’ area but his low shot was well blocked by goalie Daniel Galea.  The Hotspurs opened the score on 23 minutes when Henrique Maciel entered Oratory’s area with a solo effort and placed easily in goal with a low shot.  On 26 minutes Oratory’s keeper Courtney Mercieca made a difficult save ti turn to a corner with the aid of the crossbar a close ranged attempt by Elton Da Silva and minutes later the same keeper managed to neutralise a low shot from outside the area by Emiliano Lattes.  On 35 minutes the Hotspurs doubled the score when Elton Da Silva’s attempt from close distance was stopped by the crossbar and from the rebound Andrea Debrincat pushed the ball into an open goal.  Oratory’s best scoring opportunity until the end of the first half arrived on 38 minutes through a low shot by Joshua Buttigieg that was saved well by goalie Daniel Galea.

Oratory created another good scoring opportunity in the second minute of play of the second period through a cross shot by Joshua Buttigieg that almost surprised the goalkeeper who managed to recover and saved the danger.  On 50 minutes the Hotspurs had a good shot by Jason Pace that ended just over the crossbar and one minute later a shot from close distance by Elton Da Silva hit the post with the goalkeeper beaten.  The same Da Silva entered Oratory’s year with a personal action on 53 minutes but his low shot toward the far post ended just wide.  The Hotspurs scored their third goal on 63 minutes through a shot on the run by Henrique Maciel following a low cross by Elton Da Silva.  The same Maciel could have added another goal on 72 minutes but his strike following a pass by substitute John Camilleri missed the target.  One minute later Oratory’s keeper Courtney Mercieca partially saved a free kick by Emiliano Lattes and from the rebound Andrea Debrincat’s attempt was stopped by the crossbar.  The Hotspurs sealed the victory with the fourth goal that arrived on 86 minutes through a low shot by Emiliano Lattes following a personal action.

Referee: Darko Stankovic