GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I
Gozo Stadium

Nadur Y : 2 (S. Miloskovic 34’, B. Said 89’)

M. Muscat, S.H. Muller, C. Hili, S. Miloskovic, Sh. Attard, J. Buttigieg, B. Said, S. Cassar, Sa. Attard, R. Da Silva, N. Stojanovic.

Xewkija T : 3 (H.T. Honorato 21’, G. Hili 32’, M. Stojanovic 67’)

M. Grima, J. Azzopardi, D. Bogdanovic, J.M. Vella, C. Antunes (T. Vella), G. Hili, J. Cefai (M. Gauci), M. Stojanovic, S. Bajada, M. Xerri, H.T. Barbosa (R. Buttigieg).

Xewkija Tigers obtained a 3-2 win over Nadur Youngsters in the match between the two sides who disappointed most in the championship for failing to remain serious challengers for the main honour.  The match between Xewkija and Nadur turned out into an interesting encounter where the final score remained uncertain until the final whistle.  Xewkija were in the driving seat for most of the time as they were in front by scoring three goals and only conceded one goal midway through the second period, but Nadur increased their efforts during the final stages and created enough scoring opportunities to save the result.

In the fifth minute of play Xewkija went very close to score an early goal but a strike by Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato ended wide.  On 12 minutes Nadur replied through a move by Stanimir Miloskovic from a good position but the ball missed the target.  Xewkija gained some territorial supremacy and on 16 minutes Milos Stojanovic failed to hit towards goal a free kick by Daniel Bogdanovic so that goalie Matthew Muscat managed to save the danger.  Four minutes later Xewkija operated a counter break through Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato but from his pass substitute Thomas Vella had his attempt blocked by goalie Matthew Muscat.  On 21 minute a shot by Xewkija’s Milos Stojanovic was deflected to a corner by the defence and from the same corner kick by Gennaro Hili, Milos Stojanovic headed inside the are and Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato headed in goal, from close distance to put his side in the lead.  Nadur seemed shocked and on the half hour mark the same Brazilian striker had an attempt from a cross by Joseph Cefai that ended wide.  On 32 minutes Xewkija doubled the score through a strike by Gennaro Hili following a solo action.  Nadur managed to reduce the deficit on 34 minutes with a goal scored by Stanimir Miloskovic after taking the ball from Xewkija’s defence.  Nadur could have levelled the score on 45 minutes when Stanimir Miloskovic entered Xewkij’s area with a personal action but was denied from concluding in goal with an excellent intervention by Xewkija’s defender Manwel Xerri.  Seconds before th break Xewkija’s Daniel Bogdanovic had a direct free kick that ended just over the crossbar.

The match became much more entertaining after the break as Nadur increased their efforts in an attempt to score the equaliser.  On 52 minutes a shot by Shaun Attard was well saved by Xewkija’s goalie Mark Grima.  On 56 minutes a free kick by Nadur’s Stanimir Miloskovic ended over the crossbar and four minutes later Nadur’s keeper Matthew Muscat was well placed to save a strike by Thomas Vella.  Nadur went again close to scoring on 63 minutes but a low drive by Stefan Cassar ended just wide.  On 67 minutes Xewkija regained the two-goal lead when Daniel Bogdanovic entered Nadur’s territory with a personal action and form his pass Milos Stojanovic concluded in goal with a low shot.  On 75 minutes Nadur had a golden scoring opportunity when s hot by Josef Buttigieg was partially saved by goalie Mark Grima and from the rebound Brandon Said took the ball but had his shot handled on the fatal line with the goalkeeper beaten by substitute Rodney Buttigieg.  The referee awarded a penalty and showed the red card to Xewkija’s Buttigieg, but Stanimir Miloskovic had his shot from the spot kick that ended wide.  Nadur were not demoralised and on 84 minutes Stanimir Miloskovic had a header following a cross by Nemanja Stojanovic that was saved by Xewkija’s keeper.  Three minutes later Nadur’s Saviour Attard had a header following a corner kick by Shaun Attard that was saved by the goalkeeper with the aid of the post and the defence managed to clear the ball from the resultant melee in front of Xewkija’s goal.  Nadur scored their second goal on 89 minutes when Xewkija’s keeper partially saved a shot from outside the area by Sandro Muller and Brandon Said took the rebound a fired in goal from close distance.  One minute later Xewkija could ahev scored their fourth goal but Thomas Vella’s shot ended high and in the second minute of stoppage time Nadur almost scored a dramatic equaliser when a shot by Shaun Attard was saved to a corner with difficulty by goalie Mark Grima and form the same corner action a header by Saviour Attard was cleared off the line with the goalkeeper beaten by substitute Manwel Gauci.  Nadur ended the match on a negative note as one minute later they had Charles Hili who was sent off for retaliation on Manwel Xerri.

Referee: Dorian Caruana