GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II

Kercem Ajax Stadium – 14th April 2018


Qala S : 1 (M. Mumford 24’)

Xuereb, F. Mumford, M. Cefai,J. Buttigieg, S. Sillato, J. Attard, M. Pace, M. Niakate, M. Mumford, B. Sammut (M. Buttigieg), J. Mifsud.

Zebbug R : 2 (M. Mumford 3’o.g., C. Borg 41’)

P. Saliba, G. Portelli, F. Cini, C. Borg,C. Vella, A. Buttigieg, M. Ciangura, B. Parello Palou, P. Camilleri, C. Farrugia (O. Calleja), L. Farrugia.


Zebbug Rovers recovered from a long series of disappointing results and obtained three points from their match against bottom-placed Qala Saints.  Zebbug’s goal matured with the odd goal from three where the three goals were converted during the first half. With this result Qala Saints practically lost every opportunity to end the season away from the bottom place of the category.

Zebbug’s win was deserved as they held more initiative while Qala seemed weak in attack and they rarely arrived in a position to obtain a positive result from this encounter.


Zebbug opened the score in the third minute of play through an own goal committed by Qala’s Michael Mumford headed badly following a corner kick by Bartomeu Perello Palou and the ball ended behind his goalkeeper.  Zebbug kept insisting during the opening minutes and on 5 minutes a shot from outside the area by Francesco Cini ended just wide.  Qala tried to regain some confidence and as time passed by they created a reaction to their difficult start. Qala levelled the score 24 minutes when Michael Mumford made up for his mistake during the opening stages of the match by concluding a personal action with a fine shot that ended out of the reach of Zebbug’s keeper.  Two minutes later Qala’s Modibo Niakate had a shot after receiving from Michael Mumford that was deflected by the defence to a corner and on 39 minutes Zebbug replied with a free kick by Bartomeu Perello Palou that was saved with difficulty to a corner by goalie Omar Xuereb.  One minute later the same goalkeeper made another difficult intervention to block a shot by Francesco Cini and on 41 Zebbug regained the lead when Patrick Camilleri crossed inside the area following a corner kick by Christian Vella and the ball arrived to an unmarked Chris Borg who placed the ball easily in goal from close distance.  Qala went very close to level the score one minute later but a free kick form long distance by Malcolm Cefai was saved to a corner by goalie Baskal Saliba.


For the second period Zebbug continued to produce a dangerous play and on 49 minutes Qala‘s keeper Omar Xuereb partially saved an effort by Chris Borg and defender Gabriel Sillato cleared the ball off the fatal line.  The same goalkeeper made another important intervention one minute later following an attempt by Christian Vella and on 62 minute Qala could have levelled the score but a shot cross by Modibo Niakate passed in front of Zebbug’s goal without finding any striker for the tap-in.  On 67 minutes Zebbug were again dangerous through a shot by Chris Borg that was neutralised by goalie Omar Xuereb and 72 minutes Zebbug’s Marco Ciangura had an attempt directly from a free kick but the ball ended high. Zebbug had a goal scored by Chris Borg on 77 for an offside infringement and one minute alter Qala’s keeper saved with difficulty a direct free kick by Bartomeu Perello Palou.  Zebbug went close to make sure of the victory with the third goal on 82 minutes but a shot by Bartomeu Perello Palou was partially saved by goalie Omar Xuereb and substitute Martin Buttigieg cleared the ball from the goalmouth to avoid a certain goal. Zebbug were almost punished for the missed chances as Qala went close to level the score in the third minute of stoppage time but a direct free kick by Michael Mumford ended just over the crossbar.


Referee: Luke Xuereb