UEFA Regions Cup 18/19:  Intermediary Round: Qualifying Group 5


Neustadt Stadium – Neustadt an der Donau (GER)

3 October 2018 – Match Day 3

Ironi Tiberias (ISR): 3 (H.Y. Tzadok 10’, H.H. Yadan 79’, O.H. Cohen 90’)

Gabai, A. Kholi, O.H. Cohen, L.Y. Elharar, A. abed Jabarin (S. Bergik), S. Mrad (M. Brami), H.Y. Tzadok, E.Y. H.  Maaravi, H.H. Yadan, E. Davidov (M. Ben Simon), A. Nazal

Gozo (MLT): 1 (A. Mizzi 65’)

Parnis, J. Azzopardi, G. Hili (A. Debrincat), L. Grima, C. Mercieca, J.M. Vella (D. Hili), A. Mizzi, M. Stojanovic, D. Mercieca, M. Bezzina (O. Curmi).


Ironi Tiberias of Israel scored two goals during the final stages of the encounter against Gozo to obtain their second win in the tournament.  The points obtained by Ironi Tiberias however were not enough to clinch the qualification as Bavarian FA obtained a 2-0 win over Vojvodina and the hosts won the tournament on the best goal difference of the matches contested by the Bavarian FA, Ironi Tiberias and Vojvodina, who all ended the tournament on six points.  The outcome of this tourn ament, which was only decided in the last match goes to show the high level of competition expressed mainly by the teams who ended on equal points.

Gozo had their best performance in the last match of this tournament as they managed to remain in contention for a positive result until the final minutes of the match.  Gozo had some players missing or not their best physical condition for this last encounter of the tournament, but all the players were determined to earn at least a point.  Gozo were solid at the defence where central defenders Manwel Xerri and Dylan Mercieca together with the goalkeeper Adrian Parnis were in a fine form to resist the offensive play of the opponents.  Gozo were also very effective in the midfield where Milos Stojanovic managed to fill the gaps between the defensive department and the strikers, while in attack Andrew Mizzi and Christian Mercieca often threatened Ironi’s defence.  Gozo were prudent during the first half but all the players and technical staff showed character after the break and went very close to achieve the ambition to end the commitments in this edition of the UEFA Regions Cup on a positive note.

During the opening minutes Gozo seemed confident and in the fifth minute of play they created a good scoring opportunity when a cross from the left flank arrived to an unmarked Christian Mercieca who shot weak and goalie Eliran Gabai saved without difficulty.  Ironi Tiberias opened the score in their first approach towards Gozo’s area. On ten minutes Gozo’s rear guard failed to clear the ball from the area following a cross form the right and the ball arrived to an unmarked Haker Yam Tzadok who concluded easily from close distance.  Gozo were not demoralised and on 19 minutes they operated a good move where Andrew Mizzi released Milos Stojanovic inside the area but the latter hesitated and passed the ball instead of shooting so that the defence cleared the danger.  Ironi replied two minutes later through a header by Alrahmw abed Jabarin following a cross from the left flank that ended just over the crossbar. Gozo once again threatened Ironis’s defence on 28 minutes through a free kick by Gennaro Hili that ended just high and on 35 minutes Ironi lost a good scoring opportunity but Hen Haim Yadan hit badly following a cross from the left by Abdallah Kholi so that goalie Adrian Parnis neutralised the danger.  Ironi had another attempt one minute later through a shot from outside the area by Shlomi Mrad but the ball ended away from Gozo’s goal. The same Mrad had another attempt on 42 minutes following a personal action but goalie Adrian Parnis blocked the danger with some difficulty.

Gozo tried to produce a reaction from the early stages of the second period but Ironi’s defence managed to clear the danger form their area.  As time passed by Ironi increased the momentum and on two separate occasions attempts by Haker Yam Tzadok and Hen Haim Yadan were blocked by Gozo’s defence.  Gozo had a good scoring opportunity on 62 minutes but Lawrence Grima’s header following a free kick from long distance by Manwel Xerri was turned with difficulty to a corner by goalie Eliram Gabai.  Ironi replied one minute later through a low shot cross by Hen Haim Yadan that ended just wide and on 64 minutes Gozo’s goalie Adrian Parnis kept his side in contention with a fine save to block a low shot by Omer Haim Cohen.  Gozo’s efforts in this match were rewarded on 65 minutes when substitute Damon Hili released Andrew Mizzi inside Ironio’s area and the striker netted with a low drive as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to block the danger.  Gozo grew in confidence and could have turned the result in their favour on 71 minutes but a header by substitute Andrea Debrincat following a cross by Christian Mercieca was well saved by goalie Eliram Gabai.  Ironi replied through a cross shot by substitute Metanel Ben Simon that ended wide. Mionites later Ironi’s goalie left his position in time to take the ball before Gozo’s Andrew Mizzi could conclude towards goal.  Ironi regained the lead on 79 minutes when Gozo’s goalie Adrian Parnis partially saved a strike by Haker Yam Tzadok and from the rebound Hen Haim Yadan fired in goal.  Ironi were again dangerous on 82 minutes but a low shot by substitute Matan Brami was well saved by goalie Adrian Parnis and the defence cleared the danger from the goalmouth.  On 85 minutes Gozo could have levelled the score but an effort by Milos Stojanovic from the edge of the area hit the crossbar with the goalkeeper beaten. Play continued to be very interesting during the final stages of the encounter.  On 87 minutes Gozo’s keeper was again called to make a good intervention to turn to a corner a free kick by substitute Metanel Ben Simon, while Gozo went again close to scoring on 8 minutes through a header form close distance by Andrea Debrincat that was neutralised by goalie Eliran Gabai.  On 90 minutes Ironi Tiberias sealed the victory when Omer Haim Cohen took the ball inside Gozo’s area and netted easily with a low drive.  In the second minute of stoppage time Ironi Tiberias operated a counter break but a low shot by Omer Haim Cohen was stopped by the post.

Referee:  Luca Barbeno (SMR)


The other match:

UEFA Regions Cup 18/19: Intermediary Rd. Qualifying Grp 5 (MD3) – Wed 3 Oct 2018 –
Rain Stadium, Rain (GER)
Vojvodina (SRB)– FT (0-2) – Bavarian FA (GER)


Final Group Standings:

Bavarian FA 6pts (group winners)

Ironi Tiberias 6pts

Vojvodina 6pts

Gozo 0pts