UEFA Regions Cup 18/19:  Intermediary Round: Qualifying Group 5


Leibfling Stadium (GER) – 30th September 2018

Bavarian FA (GER): 6 (S. Marx 26’, F. Fromholzer 50’, S. Gebhart 54’, Franz Fischer 60’, P. Nagengast 81’ D. Bauer 86’ pen)

Glasl, M. Heigl, E. Root, F. Fromholzer, M. Luburic (J. Wieselsberger), F. Fisher, P. Kroib (J. Muller), P. Nagengast, N. Reutelhuber, S. Gebhart, S. Max (D. Bauer).

Gozo (MLT) : 0

Parnis, G. Hili (M. Bezzina), L. Grima, J. Polo Longarela, M. Xerri, C. Mercieca, J.M. Vella, A. Mizzi, M. Stojanovic, J. Pace (J. Azzopardi), D. Mercieca (A. Debrincat).


In the match from match-day 2 of the tournament for qualification to the finals of the UEFA Regions Cup 2018/2019, the host team representing the Bavarian Federation registered a win with a large score against Gozo so that they re-opened their chances to obtain the right to contest the finals in June 2019.  The Bavarian’s as expected held supremacy during the first half but Gozo resisted well and they took the break with a more-goal lead. However, Gozo came out for the second period with an offensive approach but ended up conceding the Bavarian’s fast play and suffered three goals in the space of fifteen minutes so that they compromised the possibility to aim for a positive result.

The Bavarian side came out aggressive and in the fourth minute of play they went very close to scoring but a shot on the run by skipper Franz Fischer hit the crossbar and the ball ended wide.  Gozo tried to increase their work-rate in the midfield in an attempt to keep their opponents away from their defensive area. However, on ten minutes Gozo’s rear guard failed to clear the ball from the left flank and the ball arrived to an unmarked Philipp Nagengast who had his attempt that ended on the side of the net.  Minutes later a shot by Bavarian’s Patrick Kroib following a corner action was headed to another corner by Javier Polo Longarela. Gozo replied with an initiative by Christian Mercieca who entered the area but his effort was blocked by the opponents among protests for handling by the Bavarian defender. The hosts opened the score on 26 minutes through a fine header by Sebastian Marx following a corner action.  One minute later the Bavarian side were again dangerous but Gozo’s goalie Adrian Parnis left his position in time to clear the ball before Philipp Nagengast could arrive on the ball to conclude from an ideal position.

The visitors tried to produce a reaction from the initial stages of the second period and threatened the Bavarian rear guard through an initiative by Christian Mercieca that was blocked by Sebastian Marx.  The Bavarian team, however, operated a fast break on 49 minutes but a fine header by Franz Fischer was partially saved by goalie Adrian Parnis and form the rebound the attempt by Patrick Kroib was cleared off the fatal line by Manwel Xerri.  Gozo were again surprised one minute later when the Bavarian team doubled the score through a shot from outside the area by Florian Fromholzer gained effect and surprised goalie Adrian Parnis.  On 54 minutes the Bavarian side added another goal when Philip Nagengast entered the area from the left flank, his cross was partially saved by goalie Adrian Parnis and Franz Fischer had his attempt deflected by the defence but the ball arrived to an unmarked Sebastian Gebhart who deposited the ball into an open goal.  The Bavarian team were now in full control of play and in the following minutes a free kick by Moritz Helgl was well saved by goalie Adrian Parnis.  In other separate occasions shots from ideal positions by Franz Fischer and Florian Fromholzer missed the target. However, the host team scored their fourth goal on the hour mark when the Bavarian attackers operated a counter break through Franz Fischer who exchanged the ball inside the area and concluded easily in goal with a low shot.  As time passed by the Gozitans managed to keep their area clear form danger but during the final stages of the encounter the Bavarians regained authority on the field.  On 74 minutes a fine shot by Moritz Helgle was saved with difficulty by goalie Adrian Parnis and two minutes later and two minutes later the hosts increased their lead through a low drive by Philipp Nagengast after avoiding the Gozitan goalkeeper following a counter break.  On 86 minutes the Bavarian side were awarded a penalty for an intervention by Milos Stojanovic on substitute Johannes Muller and the other substitute David Bauer converted form the spot kick to make the final score 6-0.

Referee: Luca Barbeno (SMR)

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