GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I

Gozo Stadium – 20 January 2019

Munxar F FC : 0

J.P. Cassar, K. Borg, C. Bugeja (G. Muscat), C. Debono, J. Grima, S. Dimech (B. Meilak), O. Curmi, M. Debrincat (S. Muscat), M.M. Uzor, J.J. Sandobal Guarin, A. Ademilua.

SK Victoria W : 3 (S. Harland 15’, A.J. Obaje 81’, 88)

M.T. Towns, A.G. Attard, A.J. Obaje, P. Dordevic, S. Harland (E. Zammit), A. Attard, M. Bamba, N. Vella (J. Buhagiar), A. Touarha (A. Adesina), R. Grech, D.U. Monday.


SK Victoria Wanderers obtained a 3-0 win over Munxar Falcons in a direct clash from the relegation zone and with the points obtained the Wanderers moved over the same Munxar on the table and took a place just outside the relegation zone for the first time this season.  With this win the Wanderers took revenge for the 1-4 defeat conceded by Munxar in the match between the two sides of the first round. The match for most of the time was well contested as Munxar were in contention for at least a pint until they conceded the second goal.  The Wanderers paved the way for the win with a goal scored during the opening minutes of then encounter but conceded a strong reaction by Munxar who had two attempts that were stopped by the post and on other occasions they were denied form scoring with some fine saves by Victoria’s keeper Matthew Towns.  

During the first part of the match the Wanderers enjoyed territorial supremacy and in the second minute Munxar’s goalie John Paul Cassar was called to make a good save to turn to a corner a shot by Aaron Touarha.  In 6 minutes Victoria’s Sam Harland failed to connect to an inviting low cross by Ryan Grech but the Wanderers opened the score on 15 minutes through a header by Sam Harland following a corner kick by Aaron Touarha.  Munxar replied on 21 minutes through a header by Adebayo Ademilua following a corner kick by Joseph Grima that was stopped by the post and the defence cleared the danger form the area with some difficulty.  In the following action, Victoria’s goalie Matthew Towns cleared with some difficulty a cross hot by Joseph Grima and the Wanderers were again dangerous on 32 minutes when Aaron Touarha entered Munxar’s area but ended on the floor following a challenge by an opponent but the referee cautioned the same Touarha for simulation following the protests for a penalty.  Munxar could have levelled the score on 389 minutes when a cross by Joseph Grima got a deflection by the defence but Oliver Curmi’s shot on the run from close distance missed the target. Munxar were again dangerous on 42 minutes when a header by Oliver Curmi following a cross by Christian Debono was saved with difficulty and in two attempts by goalie Matthew Towns.

In the fifth minute of play of the second period the Wanderers could have capitalised better from a cross by Ryan Grerch but a header by Sam Harland was neutralised by goalie John Paul Cassar.  As time passed by Munxar increased their efforts and produced some pressure on Victoria’s defence. On 58 minutes a shot by Adebayo Ademilua ended wide. The wanderers replied on 65 minutes through a strike by Ryan Grech following a short clearance by Munxar’s defence that ended just over the crossbar and two minutes later Munxar were again unlucky when a shot by Adebayo Ademilua was stopped by the post.  From the rebound Matthias Michael Uzor concluded in goal but the referee disallowed the goal for an offside infringement. Victoria went again close to scoring on 74 minutes when Ryan Grech was released inside Munxar’s area by Aud-gustine Obaje, but the former hesitated and had his shot blocked by the defence. On 76 mintes a shot by Muxar’s Jhon Jario Sandobal Guarin ended just high and less than a minute later goalie Matthew Towns saved a good effort by Christian Debono who received inside Victoria’s area from substitute Brian Meilak.  On 78 minutes Munxar went again close to level the score but an attempt by Matthias Michael Uzor ended just over the cross bar. One minute later the Wanderers could have added another goal but Sam Harland incredibly concluded wide form an ideal position following a low cross by Ryan Grech. Munxar’s last scoring opportunity of the encounter arrived on 80 minutes through a shot by Joseph Grima after receiving from Jhon Jario Sandobal Guarin that ended high. The Wanderers doubled the score on 81 minutes when Aud-gustine James Obaje entered Munxar’s area from the left flank, had his first shot blocked by the defence and from the rebound the same striker netted with a low shot.  Munxar were demoralised and on 88 minutes the Citizens sealed the win with the third goal when Munxar’s keeper and the central defender failed to clear the ball from outside the area so that Aud-gustine James Obaje took the ball, entered the area and placed easily into an open goal.

Referee: Mario Apap

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