GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I

Gozo Stadium – 17 February 2019

SK Victoria W : 1 (S. Harland 69’)

Towns, A.G. Attard, J. Buhagiar (N. Vella), E. Bugeja, A.J. Obaje, P. Dordevic, S. Harland, E. Zammit, A. Piachantile Valderama, A. Touiarha, D.U. Monday.

Ghajnsielem FC : 1 (L.A. De Melo Lima 11’pen)

Xuereb, L. Silva Lopes, K. Mercieca, Al. Xuereb, An. Xuereb, N. Damba, D. Mercieca, K. Grima, A. Oularbi, L.A. De Melo Lima, I.N. Belhadj (D. Hili).


Ghajnsielem and SK Victoria Wanderers earned a point each from a draw of two goals so that the final scored satisfied more Ghajnsielem since they consolidated their fourth place on the table and therefore remained with a good position away from the red zone.  On the other hand the Wanderers left the field disappointed as they ended up losing a position on the table at the end of Match-Day 12 and remain in serious relegation trouble. However the point obtained by the Wanderers was enough to increase their lead from the team occupying the bottom of the table to three points.  In this match, where Ghansielem had Charles Hili and Antoine Camilleri missing due to a suspension, and the Wanderers were without Moussa Bamba for the same reason; the Citizens produced more offensive play but failed to capitalise form their good scoring opportunities so that the Blacks ended up controlling a positive result with the least possible effort.

The Wanderers were aiming to obtain the full points at stake form this encounter and were more offensive in their approach.  In the third minute of play Victoria’s Aud0gustine James Obaje had a cross shot that ended wide and three minutes later Sam Harland headed badly from a good position so that the ball ended away from Ghajnsielem’s goal.  The Blacks were unlucky on 8 minutes when Ali Oularbi took the ball inside the area following a free kick but his attempt was stopped by the post. Ghansielem however opened the score on 11 minutes when the referee awarded a penalty for a foul by Anthony George Attard on Ibrahim Naim Belhadj and Luis Andre De Melo Lima converted from the spot kick.  On 13 minutes the Wanderers protested for a penalty alleging handling when Ghajnsielem’s defender blocked the danger inside the area and on 21 minutes Victoria’s Predrag Dordevic had an attempt form a free kick that was neutralised by goalie Lorjean Xuereb.  Victoria produced a good move on 32 minutes when Aud-gustine James Obaje passed to Predrag Dordevic inside Ghajnsielem’s area but the latter saw his curling shot ending just wide. One minute later the same Obaje passed through Ghajnsielem’s rear guard from the right flank but striker Sam Harland failed to follow the action and missed the opportunity to meet an inviting low cross so that the defence cleared the danger.  The Wanderers went very close to score the equaliser on 41 minutes when Aud-gustine James Obaje entered Ghajnsielem’s area and form his pass Predrag Dordevic had a low shot aimed to the lower corner that was turned with difficulty to a corner by goalie Lorjean Xuereb. One minute later Victoria’s Piachantile Valderama had a cross-shot that ended on the roof of the net and just before half time Ghajnsielem’s Naby Damba took a ball from Victoria’s defence, entered  the area but form his pass a shot by Ibrahim Naim Belhadj was blocked and the defence cleared the danger.

For the second period Ghajnsielem came out in a better shape and seemed in a position to control their lead.  The Blacks were also more effective in their offensive play and produce some potential opportunities that could have been converted into a second goal.  On 59 minutes a cross shot by Naby Damba was easily saved by Victoria’s keeper Matthew Towns and on 65 minutes Ali Oularnbi had an attempt that was saved to a corner by the same goalkeeper.  From the resultant corner action a header by Luis Andre De Melo Lima was headed away from the goalmouth by Victoria’s Anthony George Attard. The Wanderers however managed to level the score on 69 minutes when Sam Harland entered Ghajnsielem’s area but had his shot blocked to a corner by the defence.  From the same corner kick taken by Anthony George Attard Sam Harland surprised the defence and headed the ball towards the corner of the net.  The Citizens increase their effort during the final stages of the encounter in an attempt to turn the result in their favour.  On 83 minutes Sam Harland entered Ghajnsielem’s territory but central defender Leandro Da Silva Lopes recovered in time and cleared the ball from the area before substitute Ajibade Adesina could arrived on the ball to hit from a close distance.  On 86 minutes a header by Aud-gustine James Obaje from a free kick by Anthony George Attard ended wide and the best opportunity for the Wanderers to clinch the victory arrived one minute later but Ajibade Adesina hesitated to conclude from a good position so that the ball arrived to Emerson Zammit who hit badly from the edge of the area and the defence cleared the ball without difficulty.

Referee: Emanuel Grech

Photos: GFA / Anthony Cassar

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