GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I

Gozo Stadium – 28 March 2019

Gharb R FC : 2 (J.E. Batista Da Conceicao 3’, H. Santa Rosa Cruz 88’)

Spiteri, A. Sultana, P.P. Camilleri, M. Gauci, C. Attard, J.E. Batista Da Conceicao, O. Xuereb (O. Xuereb), D. Azzopardi, P. Nunez Del Castillo, N. Stojanovic, H. Santa Rosa Cruz.

Xewkija T FC : 4 (D. Bogdanovic 25’, 27’; C. Antunes 31’, M. Stojanovic 84’)

Grima (L. Camilleri), J. Azzopardi, M. Tabone, S.A. Martinez Villa, C. Bugeja (L. Cilia), C. Antunes Pavlidis, G. Hili, J. Cefai Bonnici (J. Saliba), J.M. Vella, M. Stojanovic, D. Bogdanovic.


Xewkija Tigers recovered from three consecutive defeats against teams from the lower part of the table with a 4-2 win in the match against Gharb Rangers.  Xewjkija, who were coming from the qualification to the final of the KO competition after a penalty shoot-out seemed determined to extend their recovery and managed to be well organised at their defence and also capitalised from their best scoring opportunities throughout the encounter.  Gharb, who needed points in an attempt to move away from the relegation zone tried hard to earn a positive result but they ended up committing decisive mistakes at their defence and also were very erratic in their finishing particularly during the opening stages of the second half when they missed the opportunity to re-open the issue from a penalty kick.  With this result Xewkija consolidated their third spot on the table while Gharb remain in serious relegation trouble.

Gharb had an encouraging start and opened the score in the third minute of play when Hugo Santa Rosa Cruz released Junior Elisio Batista Da Conceicao who entered the area and netted with a low drive towards the far post.  On 7 minutes Gharb’s Nemanja Stojanovic had a good shot from outside the area that was partially saved by goalie Mark Grima but Gharb’s strikers failed to take advantage form the rebound and the defence cleared the danger.  Xewkija replied on 12 minutes through a low shot by Daniel Bogdanovic after receiving from Claudio Antunes that was blocked by goalie Daniel Spiteri. Xewkija increased their efforts and on 19 minutes Joseph Mario Vella passed through Gharb’s defence but at the end he was denied from concluding towards goal with an intervention by central defender Pablo Nunez Del Castillo.  On 22 minutes a shot by Daniel Bogdanovic following a pass by Joseph Mario Vella ended wide but on 25minutes the same Joseph Mario Vella released Daniel Bogdanovic who entered the area and netted with a low shot as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to clear the danger.  Xewkija turned the result in their favour two minutes later when Milos Stojanovic headed the ball from the midfield, the defence failed to clear the danger and Daniel Bogdanovic took tha ball and lobbed over the goalkeeper who left his area in an effort to arrive on the ball before Xewjija’s striker.  On 30 minutes Xewkija were again dangerous through a shot by Joseph Azzopardi that got a deflection and goalie Daniel Spiteri saved the danger and one minute later Xewkija added another goal when a strike from outside the area by Joseph Mario Vella hit the crossbar and from the rebound Claudio Antunes concluded in goal.  Gharb could have reduced the score on 35 minutes but a shot by Hugo Santa Rosa Cruz from an angled position hit the side of the net.  Four minutes later Gharb failed to take advantage of an ideal situation to conclude towards goal when Hugo Santa Rosa Cruz and Batista Da Conceicao both had the ball inside Xewkija’s area and at the end the attempt by Christian Attard was stopped for an offside infringement.  On 41 minutes Xewkija’s Christian Bugeja had a good shot that ended away from goal and one minute later Gharb had another good scoring opportunity but Omar Xuereb’s shot from an unmarked position that ended wide.

Gharb continued with their reaction after the break and on 48 minutes they were awarded a penalty for a foul by Manuel Tabone on Hugo Santa Rosa Cruz but Junior Elisio Batista Da Conceicao had his shot form the spot kick that was saved by goalie Mark Grima and from the rebound the same Batista Da Conceicao had his shot that ended wide.  On 50 minutes Xewkija had an attempt by Christian Bugeja that ended wide and on 59 minutes Gharb’s Pierre Paul Camilleri entered the area with a personal action but his low shot was well saved by goalie Mark Grima. Gharb were again dangerous on 63 minutes through a shot from outside the area by Nemanja Stojanovic following a personal action that was saved by goalie Mark Grima.  The same Stojanovic had another attempt form a free kick on 65 minutes that ended wide and on 75 minutes a shot from outside the area by Xewkija’s Gennaro Hili was saved by Gharb’s goalie Daniel Spiteri. Gharb could have reduced the score one minute later but a header by Batista da Conceicao from a good position ended wide. On 77 minutes Xewkija’s Claudio Antunes entered Gharb’s area but his low cross addressed to an unmarked Christian Bugeja was cleared to a corner with an intervention by defender Daniel Azzopardi.  Xewkija scored their fourth goal on 84 minutes when a cross form long distance by Daniel Bogdanovic arrived to Claudio Antunes inside Gharb’s area and the latter passed immediately to Milos Stojanovic who fired in goal with a shot on the run.  On 88 minutes Gharb managed to score their second goal when Batista Da Conceicao entered Xewkija’s area and prolonged to Hugo Santa Rosa Cruz who was unmarked and concluded easily in goal from close distance.

Referee: Ezekiel Barbara

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