GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II

26 October 2019 – Kercem Ajax Stadium

Munxar Falcons FC : 0

Oratory Youths FC : 4

9’ (0-1) Eric Gauci

68’ (0-2) Eric Gauci

71’ (0-3) Bartomeu Perello Palou 

73’ (0-4) Marco Ciangura


Munxar F:

Frn. Azzopardi, A. Buttigieg, P. Parnis, P. Debono, L. Attard, L. Meilaq (J. Vella), N. Haber, D.P. Borg, A. Carvalho, B. Meilak (N. Attard), L. Cilia.

Oratory Y:

Sammut, O. Saliba (F. Cini), J. Azzopardi, E. Buttigieg (M. Ciangura), P. Rapa, P. Said (K. Farrugia), B. Perello Palou, E. Gauci, S. Azzopardi, C. Borg, Ju. Attard.

Referee: Mehmet Oral


Oratory Youths extended their positive start in the campaign by obtained a convincing 4-0 win over Munxar Falcons and consolidated their second spot on the table, with just two points behind the leaders.  With this result the Youths remain the only undefeated side of the category together with the leaders Sannat Lions and also they became serious challengers for promotion together with Sannat. Oratory and Sannat will face each other in the next match from the campaign which will also be the last match of the first round for the two sides.

In the match against Munxar, the Youths dominated as they held command of play throughout the 90 minutes, scored an early goal and converted their superiority with three goals scored during the second period.  This was Munxar’s fourth defeat from four matches in the campaign and thus they remain at the bottom of the table and the only team which is still seeking to win the first point.


Oratory came out determined to take command of play and managed to produce pressure over Munxar’s defence from the very beginning of the encounter.

4’ A shot by Oratory’s Justin Azzopardi from a good position ended just over Munxar’s goal.

9’ (0-1) The Youths opened the score when Justin Azzopardi passed to Eric Gauci  just outside the area and the latter surprised the goalkeeper with a fine strike.

16’ Munxar replied through an attempt from an angled position by Ayesller Carvalho following a personal action that ended just wide.

24’ Oratory could have added another goal when Chris Borg entered Munxar’s area with a personal action but his final attempt towards goal missed the target.

29’ Munxar’s keeper Frankie Azzopardi was called to make a difficult intervention as he partially saved a strike by Bartomeu Perello Palou and form the rebound Oratory’s Eric Gauci and Chris Borg both failed tom capitalise so that the defence recovered and cleared the danger.

31’ The Youths were again dangerous through a strike by Paul Said that ended high

32’ A good shot by Oratory’s Bartomeu Perello Palou was deflected to a corner by Munar’s defence when the goalkeeper seemed beaten.

HT (0-1)

For the second period, Munxar failed to produce a reaction and Oratory continued to dictate matters.

49’ A free-kick by Oratory’s Emanuel Buttigieg ended just over Munxcar’s goal.

54’ Bartomeu Perello Palou took the ball from Munxar’s territory but goalie Frankie Azzopardi made the best save of the afternoon to turn Perello Palou’s fine strike to a corner.

56’ Oratory’s goalie was called to make a good intervention to block an attempt directly from a free-kick by Ayesller Carvalho.

68’ (0-2) The Youths doubled the score when Chris Borg headed inside the area a corner kick by Jurgen Attard, the defence failed to clear the danger and the ball fell to Eric Gauci who netted with a low shot.

71’ (0-3) Oratory increased their lead through a goal scored by Bartomeu Perello Palou who passed through Munxar’s defenders with personal action and placed behind goalie Azzopardi with a fine shot.

73’ (0-4) Oratory’s substitute Marco Ciangura produced a personal action from the right flank and surprised the goalkeeper with a shot from outside the area.

85’ Munxar could have scored a consolation goal but a free kick by Luke Attard ended just high.

86’ Munxar’s Luke Cilia entered Oratory’s area from the left flank but his shot from a closed-angle ended on the side of the net.

FT (0-4)