22 November 2019
GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II
MD 6 Kercem Ajax Stadium

Qala Saints FC: 2
Oratory Youths FC: 3

48’ (0-1) penalty Bartomeu Perello Palou
60’ (1-1) Stefan Farrugia
67’ (1-2) Emanuel Buttigieg
73’ (2-2) Matthew Portelli
77’ (2-3) penalty Bartomeu Perello Pallou
90+4’ (penalty missed – saved) Matthew Portelli (QS)

Qala S:

Buttigieg, P. Muscat, M. Zerafa, M. Buttigieg, D. Portelli (M. Vella), S. Farrugia, M. Senussi Telessi, J. Portelli, M. Portelli, F. Azzopardi (J.O. Borg), R. Meilak.

Oratory Y:

Sammut, M. Ciangura, J. Azzopardi (K. Farrugia), E. Buttigieg, P. Rapa (J. Portelli), B. Perello Palou, D. Azzopardi, S. Curmi (P. Said), S. Azzopardi, C. Borg, Ju. Attard.


Oratory Youths recovered from the defeat conceded in their previous match and obtained a dramatic 3-2 from their match against Qala Saints.  For this match, Oratory seemed determined for the disappointing result of the match against the same Qala of the first round but the maroons were also confident that they may obtain a positive result from this first match for the two sides of the second round.  As a result of the motivation of the two sides, the match turned out into a well-contested encounter with the five goals scored during the second period and where the final result was only decided second from the final whistle when Qala missed an opportunity to score the equaliser from a penalty that was saved by Oratory’s keeper.  With the points obtained Oratory reduced their gap form the leaders to five points and are therefore back in contention for promotion.


Oratory seemed determined to take command of play from the early stages but they failed to open the score despite the fact that they produced pressure on Qala’s rearguard for most of the time during the first half.

14’ Chris Borg hit badly from a good position following a prolonged action at the edge of Qala’s area and goalie Franco Buttigieg saved without difficulty.

23’ Qala’s goalie Franco Buttigieg was well placed to neutralise a low shot by Justin Azzopardi from outside the area.

25’ Oratory were again dangerous through a low shot by Paul Rapa that was blocked by Qala’s keeper.

As time passed by Qala managed to come out of their defence and play during the last part of the first half took place mainly in the midfield.

HT (0-0)


Oratory had an excellent start for the second period as they managed to take the lead

2’ (0-1) penalty – The referee awarded a penalty for a foul by goalie Franco Buttigieg on Bartomeu Perello Palou when the keeper was already in possession of the ball, and Oratory’s striker converted from the spot-kick.

Qala had a good reaction

15’ (1-1) Oratory’s defence failed to clear the ball from their territory so that Stefan Farrugia took the ball, entered the area from the right flank and netted with a low shot that ended in the far corner of the goal.

The match became much more interesting as the two sides were aiming for the win.

22’ (1-2) Oratory regained the lead through a fine header by Emanuel Buttigieg following a corner kick by Marco Ciangura

23’ The Youths could have added the score but a shot from an angled position by Chris Borg was saved with some difficulty to a corner by goalie Franco Buttigieg.

28’ (2-2) Qala levelled the score for the second time through a header by Matthew Portelli, following 

32’ (2-3) penalty – Oratory were awarded a second penalty when striker Chris Borg was floored inside the area by Matthew Portelli and Bartomeu Perello Palou fired in goal with his shot from the spot-kick.

Qala’s reaction was sterile and the Youths tried to administer their one-goal lead.

43’ Oratory could have sealed the win when Chris Borg passed through Qala’s defence with a personal action but his attempt towards goal ended just wide.

45+4’ (penalty –missed saved) Qala could have saved the result when they were awarded a penalty for handling by Jurgen Attard following a strike from the edge of the area by Peter Muscat but Oratory’s goalie Richard Sammut ended up the hero for his side when he saved Matthew Portelli’s kick from the spot-kick.

FT (2-3)

Referee: Jason Portelli

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