GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I
MD 8 Gozo Stadium – 5 January 2020

Xewkija Tigers FC : 5
Gharb Rangers FC : 1

54’ (1-0) Claudio Daniel Frances
65’ (2-0) Johnny Camilleri
73’ (3-0) Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior
79’ (3-1) Camilo Andres Babilonia
84’ (4-1) Manwel Xerri
90’ (5-1) Claudio Antunes Pavlidis

Xewkija T:

Grima, J.M. Vella, J. De Lima, R. Buttigieg, J.C. Nogueira Junior, M. Hrubsa, D. Mercieca, M. Camilleri, C.D. Frances (C. Antunes Pavlidis), M. Xerri, J. Camilleri (C. Hili).

Gharb R:

Spiteri, A. Sultana, P. Djorovic , H.S. Shola, P. Vinicius Ferreira, P.P. Camilleri, J. Grima, S. Sillato, J. Xuereb (M. Grech), S. Muscat, C.A. Babilonia.

Referee: Mario Apap


In the first match from the second round of the championship, contenders for the title Xewkija Tigers obtained a 5-1 win over bottom placed Gharb Rangers and therefore they recovered from the defeat conceded in their previous match.  This was also the first match in the new year and both teams were aiming for a positive result for different reasons. As a result the match turned out into a well contested encounter during the first half where Xewkija failed to capitalise form their territorial supremacy and the two sides took the break on a goalless draw.  Xewkija however increased their efforts after the break and opened a three goal lead so that they paved the way to a comfortable win. Gharb could have obtained a more respectable result but they were erratic in their finishing and also committed mistakes at their defence that compromised their chances to remain in contention.


Xewkija tried to take command of play from the early stages in an attempt to score an early goal but as time passed by Gharb grew in confidence and started to defend better so that Xewkija found it more difficult than expected to take the lead.

1’ A header on the run by Xewkija’s Jackson De Lima following a corner action ended wide.

9’ Xewkija were unlucky when a lob by Johnny Camilleri with the goalkeeper out of his position ended on the crossbar.

19’ Xewkija could have concluded better but a shot from a good position by Rodney Buttigieg missed the target.

20’ Gharb replied through a personal action by Pablo Vinicius Ferreira who entered the area but Xewkija’s goalie Mark Grima left his position in time to take the ball from the striker and neutralised a potential scoring opportunity.

24’ Gharb’s goalkeeper Daniel Spiteri was called to make a good save following a low shot form a free kick by Xewkija’s Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior.

35’ The same goalkeeper made a difficult save to turn to a corner a nother attempt from a free kick by Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior.

39’ Xewkija’s Nogueira Junior delivered a good cross inside Gharb’s area but a header by Johnny Camilleri was weak and the goalkeeper saved without difficulty.

40’ Xewkija missed another good scoring opportunity when Johnny Camilleri headed inside Gharb’s area following a cross by Rodney Buttigieg but the low shot by Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior ended wide.

HT (0-0)


Xewkija pushed more players forward after the break and increased the pressure on Gharb’s defence form the early stages of the second period.

3’ Gharb’s keeper was well placed and punched away with some difficulty a free kick by Jackson De Lima.

4’ Xewkija’s Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior produced an excellent personal action within Gharb’s area but his cross with a back heel was cleared from the goalmouth by Gharb’s defence and denied Xewkija’s strikers from concluding form close distance.

6’ Gharb’s goalie Daniel Spiteri neutralised without difficulty a shot by Johnny Camilleri from an ideal position.

7’ A shot by Xewkija’s Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior after receiving from Claudio Frances ended wide.

9’ (1-0) Xewkija opened the score through a free kick from an angled position by Claudio Daniel Frances that surprised Gharb’s leeper.

11’ Xewkija kept insisting and could have added another goal but an attempt form a closed angle by Johnny Camilleri was cleared off the goalmouth by Gharb’s defender Anthony Sultana.

18’ Gharb almost clinched the equaliser when Joel Xuereb arrived on the ball inside Xewkija’s area before the goalkeeper, following a prolonged action, but his attempt was cleared off the fatal line by central defender Martin Hrubsa with the aid of the crossbar.

20’ (2-0) Gharb were punished for the missed scoring opportunity as Xewkija doubled the score.  A strike from outside the area by Claudio Frances got a deflection by Johnny Camilleri, the goalkeeper partially saved the danger and from the rebound the same Johnny Camilleri concluded easily into an open goal from close distance.

24’ Xewkija went close to score another goal but consecutive attempts by Claudio Frances and Michael Camilleri were partially saved by Ghar’s keeper Daniel Spiteri, a shot from the rebound by Xewkija’s Manwel Xerri was blocked by the defence and from the resultant action a shot on the run by Jackson De Lima ended away from Gharb’s goal.

28’ (3-0) Xewkija however scored their third goal through a low drive by Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior following a personal action where he entered the area from the left flank.

34’ (3-1) Gharb reduced the deficit through a header by Camilo Andres Babilonia following a cross by Haruna Shola.

38’ Gharb had the opportunity to re-open the issue when Xewkija’s defence failed to clear the ball from the area following a free-kick by Predrag Djorovic, but Pablo Vinicius Ferreira hit badly from an ideal position so that Xewkija’s keeper recovered in time and saved the danger.

39’ (4-1)  Xewkija regained the three-goal lead when substitute Claudio Antunes entered Gharb’s area with a personal action but his low cross was not cleared in time by the defence so that Manwel Xerri arrived on the ball and fired in goal from close distance.

44’ Gharb created another good scoring opportunity through a personal initiative by Pablo Vinicius Ferreira but the striker saw his low shot from close distance that ended just wide.

45’ (5-1)  Xewkija sealed the win by scoring the fifth goal that arrived through a close-ranged shot by Claudio Antunes who concluded a fine move inside Gharb’s area by Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior.

FT (5-1)



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