25 January 2020

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II – MD 11 Kercem Ajax Stadium

Munxar Falcons FC : 3
Zebbug Rovers FC : 3


13’ (0-1) Lucas Farrugia
19’ (1-1) penalty Ayesller Carvalho
36’ (2-1) penalty Ayesller Carvalho
52’ (3-1) Ayesller Carvalho
62’ (red card) Francesco Cini (ZR)
67’ (3-2) penalty Tiago Barbosa
38’ (3-3) Tiago Barbosa

Munxar F:

D.C. Spiteri, A. Buttigieg, J. Grech, P. Debono, L. Attard, L. Meilaq, D.P. Borg, N. Attard (Frn. Azzopardi), A. Carvalho, L. Cilia (N. Haber), K. Mizzi (M. Azzopardi).

Zebbug R:

Saliba, C. Farrugia, M. Formosa, O. Calleja, R. Grima, L. Farrugia, S. Sultana, M. Grima (F. Attard), F. Cini, P.P. Buttigieg (E. Galea) (R. Saliba), T. Barbosa.


In the last match from Match-Day 11 of the BOV Gozo Football League of the second division, the two teams occupying the last two places on the table shared the spoils in a draw of six goals.  With this result Zebbug Rovers and Munxar Falcons retained their respective position on the table and therefore they both failed to gain points in an attempt to move away from the lowest part of the table.  Thus, both Zebbug and Munxar have to struggle in the remaining matches of the campaign to achieve the main objective of the two sides for this seasons.

The match turned out to be quite balanced.  Munxar held more of the initiative during the first hour of play and seemed heading towards their second win over Zebbug as they had a two goal lead and an extra player on the field of play during the last half hour of play.  However, Zebbug managed to stage a strong reaction with ten players, recovered the deficit and also had the best scoring opportunities near the end of the encounter where they could have gained the full points at stake.


Munxar, who are occupying the bottom place on the table came out more aggressive in an attempt to earned their second win in the campaign.

1’ Munxar’s Ayesller Crvalho had a close ranged attempt that was well saved by Zebbug’s keeper Baskal Saliba.

3’ Munxar were unlucky when a free kick form long distance by Luke Attard was stopped by the crossbar.

8’ In another dangerous action by Munxar Aysller Carvalho’s shot from outside the area was saved with difficulty by goalie Baskal Saliba.

11’ The same goalkeeper was once again called to make an important intervention to block an effort by Ayesller Carvalho following a corner kick by Luke Meilaq.

13’ (0-1) Zebbug surprised their opponents in their first serious offensive action and opened the score through a fine strike from outside the area by Lucas Farrugia that ended out of the reach of Munxar’s keeper.

Munxar regained command of play despite the setback.

19’ (1-1) penalty – The Falcons were awarded a penalty for a foul by Peter Paul Buttigieg on Ayesller Carvalho and the same Brazilian striker converted form the spot kick to make it 1-1.

Munxar kept insisting.

28’ Zebbug were again dangerous but a close ranged shot by Tiago Barbosa ended high.

36’ (2-1) penalty – Munxar were awarded a second penalty for handling by Zebbug’s Steve Sultana and Ayesller Carvalho gave the lead to his side by placing in goal his shot from the spot kick.

45+2’ Munxar went again close to scoring but an effort by Luke Attard was well saved by Zebbug’s keeper Baskal Saliba

HT (2-1)


For the second period Zebbug tried to produce a reaction by Munxar seemed more confident and managed to keep the danger clear form their area.

7’ (3-1)  Munxar increased their lead when a free kick form long distance by Johnny Grech arrived to Ayesller Carvalho who headed into an empty goal as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to clear the danger.

Zebbug were not demoralised and try to push forward in an attempt to recover the deficit.

17’ (red card) Zebbug suffered another setback ad they ended with ten players as Francesco Cini was show a straight red card for an irregular intervention on Luke Cilia in the midfield.

23’ (3-2) penalty – Zebbug however managed to reduce the score when the referee awarded penalty for a foul by Munxar’s Johnny Grech on Tiago Barbosa and the latter scored Zebbug’s second goal with his shot form the spot kick.

38’ (3-3) Zebbug’s efforts were rewarded and managed to level the score despite the fact that they were playing with a player less on the field and scored the equaliser when Munxar’s keeper failed to hold the ball following a corner action from the left flank and the ball arrived to Tiago Barbosa who concluded in goal from close distance.

42’ Zebbug created a serious scolring opportunity when substitute Frank Attard entered Munxar’s territory but had his attempt blocked at the edge of the area by Munxar’s keeper Damien Spiteri.

44’ Zebbug lost another potential scoring opportunity through a counter break but Munxar’s keeper once again saved the result for his side when he cleared the ball in time before Lucas Farrugia could arrive on the ball and conclude into an open goal.

FT (3-3)

Referee: Kurt Saliba