29 January 2020 – GFA Knock Out Division I – Q/final Gozo Stadium

Xewkija Tigers FC : 3
Victoria Hotspurs FC : 3

Victoria Hotspurs win 5-4 on penalties

31’ (0-1) Henrique De Souza Maciel
44’  (1-1) Claudio Antunes Pavlidis
48’ (1-2) Elton Aleksandre Da Silva
50’ (2-2) Claudio Antunes Pavlidis
103’ (2-3) Elton Aleksandre Da Silva
119’ (red card) Sebastian Nayar (VH)
120’ (3-3) Claudio Antunes Pavlidis

Xewkija T:

Camilleri, M. Tabone, J. M. Vella, J. De Lima, C. Antunes, R. Buttigieg, J. C. Nogueira Junior, M. Hrubsa (C.D. Frances), D. Mercieca, M. Xerri, J. Camilleri (C. Hili).

Victoria H:

Parnis, S. Nayar, L. Grima, E.M. Sidqy (E. Lattes), C. Mercieca, J. Pace (O. Cremona), A. Mizzi,  J. Bajada, H. Maciel, E. Da Silva, C. Abela (K. Borg).


In the last match from the quarter final stage of the Knock Out competition for the first division, Victoria Hotspurs obtained a win over holders Xewkija Tigers from a penalty shoot-out.  The two teams were facing each other for the second time in ten days. In the previous match, from the BOV Gozo Football League of the first division, Xewkija earned the full points at stake form a dramatic 4-3 win, and therefore this match was an opportunity for the Hotspurs to take an immediate revenge.  On the other hand Xewkija were also aiming to earn qualification in an attempt to remain in contention for all the local competitions and also to defend the honour which they won last season. For this match the two teams, who are undoubtedly among the top teams in local football, were looking forward to make up for the disappointing elimination from the FA Trophy the previous weekend.

The match therefore lived up to the expectations and it was not surprising that the winner had to be decided from a penalty shoot-out.  The Hotspurs expressed more offensive play for most fo the first period but Xewkija resisted well and also ended the first half in a draw of two goals.  Play for the rest of the encounter was very balanced with various scoring opportunities at the two ends of the field so that the win could have gone either way.


The two teams had a prudent approach but the Hotspurs gained confidence as time passed by and held territorial supremacy for most of the first half.

17’ Victoria’s Henrique Maciel had a good shot that ended just high.

21’ Xewkija’s keeper Leonard Camilleri was called to make a good save top block a shot hy Henrique Maciel following a personal action.

27’ The Hotspurs were again dangerous when Elton Da Silva entered the area from the left flank with a personal action but his attempt was well saved to a corner by Xewkija’s goalie Leonard Camilleri.  From the same corner action taken by Jason Pace a first timer by Christian Mercieca was well saved by the goalkeeper in two attempts.

31’ (0-1) Victoria Hotspurs opened the score when Xewkija’s keeper partially saved a low cross by Victoria’s Elton Da Silva and Henrique Maciel was at the right place and netted with a tap-in.

40’ The Hotspurs could have doubled the score but an effort by Jason Pace was blocked by Xewkija’s keeper.

44’ (1-1) Xewkija clinched the equaliser when Jackson De Lima released Claudio Antunes inside Victoria’s territory and the latter netted with a low drive as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to block the danger.

HT (1-1)


The Hotspurs tried to regain the supremacy after the break and also managed to take the lead but Xewklija had a strong reaction and play continued to be well contested for the rest of the encounter. 

3’ (1-2) The Hotspurs regained the lead through a fine strike by Elton Da Silva after receiving from Henrique Maciel.

5’ (2-2)  Xewkija’s reaction was immediate and they managed to level the score through a close-ranged shot on the run by Claudio Antunes following an inviting low cross by Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior.

6’ Xewkiaj were again dangerous through a shot by Johnny Camilleri that missed the target.

13’ Victoria replied with a strike by Emiliano Lattes following a pass by Henrique Maciel that ended away from Xewkija’s goal.

17’ Xewkija’s keeper Leonard Camilleri was called to make another important intervention to save another effort by Emiliano lattes.

23’ Xewkija’s Jackson De Lima had a shot from a good position that ended high.

24’ The Hotspurs could have capitalised better but an inviting low cross by Elton Da Silva from the left flank passed in front of Xewkija’s goal as Henrique Maciel missed the connection.

29’ The Hotspurs were unlucky as a strike from outside the area by Elton Da Silva was stopped by the crossbar and from the rebound, Emiliano Lattes had his shot on the run the that ended high.

37’ Victoria’s keeper Adrian Parnis left his position in time to clear the ball before substitute Claudio Frances could conclude from a good position and from the following action Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior saw his effort that ended wide.

38’ Xewkija’s Claudio Antunes had a low shot that was neutralised by goalie Adrian Parnis.

41’ The Hotspurs had an attempt by Elton Da Silva that was partially saved by Xewkija’s keeper Leonard Camilleri and from the rebound Emiliano Lattes saw his shot that ended high.

43’ Xewkija lost a good opportunity to take the lead for the first time and to earn the qualification but a shot by Claudio Antunes was blocked by Victoria’s defence, the ball arrived to Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior but the latter incredibly lifted over the crossbar from an ideal position so that the score at the end of regular time remained unchanged and the match had to go into extra time.

90mins. (2-2)


Extra Time:

Play continued to be well contested during the half-hour of extra time.

5’ Xewkija went again close to scoring but a shot from outside the area by Jackson De Lime ended over the crossbar.

13’ (2-3) The Hotspurs took the lead for the third time in this encounter through a low shot directly from a free-kick by Elton Da Silva that ended at the corner of the far post.

HT ET (2-3)


The Hotspurs tried to administer their lead for the last part of the encounter.

7’ Victoria’s keeper Adrian Parnis neutralised well a cross-shot by Xewkija’s Claudio Frances.

14’ (red card) As the match seemed heading towards a win for the Hotspurs, Xewkija earned a free-kick just outside the area where Victoria’s defender Sebastian Nayar was sent off for a second bookable offence.

15’ (3-3) From the resultant free kick taken by Claudio Frances, Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior headed inside Victoria’s area and Claudio Antunes turned the ball in goal with a close-range header.  

FT a.e.t. (3-3)


The match was therefore decided through a penalty shoot-out, where the Hotspurs started the series.


Victoria Hotspurs

Xewkija Tigers

Emiliano Lattes

1-1 Jackson De Lima

Christian Mercieca saved

1-2 Jose Carlos Nogueira Junior

Jonathan Bajada

2-3  Claudio Antunes Pavlidis

Henrique De Souza Maciel

3-3 Claudio Daniel Frances  saved

Elton Aleksandre Da Silva

4-4 Joseph Mario Vella

Andrew Mizzi

5-4 Manwel Xerri saved


Victoria Hotspurs win 5-4 on penalties.

FT after penalty shoot-out (XT 7 – VH 8)


Referee:  Alan Mario Sant