4 February 2020
GFA Gozo Football League Division II – MD 13 Kercem Ajax Stadium

Oratory Youths FC: 3
Zebbug Rovers FC: 2

18’ (0-1) Tiago Barbosa
40’ (1-1) Chris Borg
51’ (2-1) Bartomeu Perello Palou
54’ (3-1) Paul Rapa
79’ (3-2) penalty Tiago Barbosa
90’ (red card) Clive Farrugia (ZR)

Oratory Y:

R. Sammut, M. Ciangura, J. Azzopardi, E. Buttigieg, P. Rapa (P. Said), K. Farrugia, B. Perello Palou, E. Gauci (S. Curmi), S. Azzopardi, C. Borg, Ju. Attard.

Zebbug R:

L. Gatt, R. Saliba (J. Azzopardi), C. Farrugia, M. Formosa, O. Calleja, R. Grima (J. Muscat), L. Farrugia, S. Sultana, F. Cini (M. Grima), P.P. Buttigieg, T. Barbosa.


Oratory Youths extended their good moment of form with a 3-2 win over bottom-placed Zebbug Rovers and remain serious contenders for promotion. The match for Oratory turned out to be more difficult than expected as Zebbug were in contention for a positive result for most of the encounter. Zebbug opened the score and also had a determined reaction when they were trailing by two goals which were scored by Oratory during the opening minutes of the second period. Oratory’s win arrived through a strong character expressed during the final stages and deserved the win as they produced more scoring opportunities than their opponents.


Play during the opening stages took place mainly in the midfield as Oratory found it very difficult to impose their superiority.
18’ (0-1) Zebbug surprised their more quoted opponents and opened the score through a free kick by Tiago Barbosa that ended out of the reach of Oratory’s keeper Richard Sammut.
28’ Oratory replied through a shot by Marco Ciangura that was well saved by Zebbug’s goalie Liam Gatt.
31’ Oratory could have created more danger to Zebbug’s goal when Chris Borg passed through the defence inside Zebbug’s area but his shot from a good position was well saved by goalie Liam Gatt.
40’ (1-1) Oratory levelled the score through a close ranged shot by Chris Borg following a cross from the right flank by Jurgen Attard.
45’ Oratory went close to turn the result in their favour but a strike by Justin Azzopardi following a personal action ended just over the crossbar.
HT (1-1)

Play became much more contested after the break as the two sides had an offensive approach in an attempt to obtain a positive result.
1’ Oratory produced the first serious action of the second period after only 30 seconds of play but a shot by Chris Borg after receiving from Bartomeu Perello Palou ended high.
5’ Oratory’s keeper Richard Sammut was well placed and neutralised with some difficulty a shot by Tiago Barbosa.
6’ (2-1) Oratory took the lead when Chris Borg passed inside Zebbug’s area to Bartomeu Perello Palou and the latter fired in goal with a fine shot.
8’ Zebbug replied through a header by Tiago Barbosa that was well saved by goalie Richard Sammut.
9’ (3-1) Oratory added another goal when a strike form outside the area by Paul Rapa surprised Zebbug’s goalkeeper/
19’ The Youths could have scored the fourth goal when substitute Sintayehu Curmi entered Zebbug’s area with a personal action but had his attempt that passed the goalkeeper but central defender Peter Paul Buttigieg cleared off the fatal line and avoided a certain goal.
27’ In another dangerous action by Oratory a strike by Justin Azzopardi was saved in two attempts by Zebbug’s goalie Liam Gatt.
Zebbug continued to concede space at their defence as they pushed more men forward in an effort to re-open the issue.
28’ Zebbug’s goalkeeper once again denied Oratory from scoring with a good save to block a shot from an angled position by Bartomeu Perello Palou following a personal action.
34’ (3-2) penalty – Zebbug managed to reduce the deficit when they were awarded a penalty for a foul by Manuel Buttigieg on Marvin Grima and Tiago Barbosa converted from the spot kick.
40’ Oratory could have regained a comfortable lead when Sintayehu Curmi passed inside Zebbug’s area to substitute Paul Said but the latter saw his first timer stopped by the crossbar.
45’ (red card) Zebbug Rovers ended with ten players on the field when Clive Farrugia was sent off for retaliation following a foul by Oratory’s Bartomeu Perello Palou.
FT (3-2)

Referee: Mario Apap