2 February 2020
GFA Gozo Football League Division I – MD 10 Gozo Stadium

SK Victoria Wanderers: 1
Victoria Hotspurs FC : 0

11’ (1-0) Sam Harland

SK Victoria W:

G. Ratto, I. Misan, N. Doding Priso, S. Harland (J. Buhagiar), E. Zammit,, O. Curmi, K. Grima, M. Bamba, N. Vella (S. Dimech), D.U. Monday (A.G. Attard), A. Adesina.

Victoria H:

D. Galea (A. Parnis), K. Borg, S. Nayar, L. Grima, C. Mercieca, J. Pace (O. Cremona), A. Mizzi, F. Marra (H. De Souza Maciel), E.A. Da Silva, E.P. Lattes, C. Abela.

In the derby match from the second round of the BOV Gozo Football League of the first division, SK Victoria Wanderers surprised Victoria Hotspurs and earned the full points at stake form a close win. The two teams were aiming for a win for different reasons as the Hotspurs were aiming to retain their chances to keep close to the top positions while the Wanderers needed point s in their attempts to move away from the relegation zone. The Hotspurs were favourites to win this match but they were probably not in their best physical condition as they were still recovering from a series of difficult matches in the space of few days. The Wanderers on the other hand were determined to obtain a positive result. They scored an early goal and managed to defend the lead until the end of the match. With the points obtained the Wanderers opened a lead over the other two teams involved in the relegation zone.


Play for most of the first period was quite balanced with scoring opportunities at the two ends of the field.
3’ Victoria Hotspurs protested for a foul on Sebastian Nayar in the midfield and away from the action but the referee only shown a yellow card to Doding Priso of the Wanderers after consulting the assistant referee.
11’ (1-0) Victoria Wanderers opened the score through a fine header by Sam Harland following a cross delivered from long distance by Moussa Bamba.
13’ Victoria Hotspurs had an immediate reaction and could have levelled the score when a shot by Elton Da Silva following a free kick was partially saved by goalie Giacomo Ratto and from the rebound Francesco Marra’s header and Moussa Bamba cleared off the fatal line in time to avoid a certain goal.
19’ Victoria Wanderers could have capitalised better when Doding Priso took the ball from the defence, turned around the goalkeeper but missed the opportunity to conclude towards goal so that his final cross inside the area was easily cleared by the defence.
31’ Victoria Hotspurs had a goal scored by Elton Da Silva, after receiving from Lawrence Grima following a free kick by Emiliano Lattes, which was disallowed for an offside infringement.
39’ Victoria Wanderers once again operated a potential scoring opportunity but a strike from outside the area by Igor Misan was partially saved by substitute goalkeeper Adrian Parnis and the defence cleared the danger from the area.
41’ The Hotspurs increased their efforts after the break and a header by Lawrence Grima from a corner kick by Emiliano Lattes ended wide-
43’ In another good action by the Hotspurs a shot by Emiliano Lattes was neutralised by goalie Giacomo Ratto.
HT (1-0)

For the second period, the Hotspurs came out more aggressive and produced some pressure on their opponents.
9’ The Hotspurs had a shot from long distance by Jason Pace that ended over the crossbar.
12’ In another occasion by the Hotspurs a free kick by Elton Da Silva ended just wide.
15’ The Hotspurs lost another good scoring opportunity but an overhead kick by Emiliano Lattes ended wide.
23’ The Wanderers could have doubled the score when Nicholas Vella released Sam Harland within the territory defended by the Hotspurs but the latter hesitated to conclude towards an open goal after avoiding the intervention of the goalkeeper outside the area and the final attempt ended wide.
25’ The Hotspurs once again conceded another counter break to the Wanderers but on this occasion, it was striker Doding Priso who failed to capitalise from the open space and goalie Adrian Parnis recovered in time and took the ball outside his area and denied the striker from concluding towards an open goal.
27’ The Hotspurs replied with a free-kick by Elton Da Silva that was turned to a corner with some difficulty by goalie Giacomo Ratto.
29’ Victoria Hotspurs were also unlucky when Andrew Mizzi, delivered a cross inside the area but Christian Mercieca saw his attempt from close distance that was stopped by the crossbar and the defence managed to clear the danger form the rebound.
34’ The Hotspurs continued to produce danger and a shot by Emiliano Lattes, after receiving from Elton da Silva just outside the area, ended high.
39’ In another action produced by the Hotspurs a shot by Carlo Abela missed the target.
41’ The Hotspurs almost levelled the score when a cross from long distance by Sebastian Nayar, aimed towards Elton Da Silva, was cleared badly by substitute Anthony George Attard but goalie Giacomo Ratto recovered his position and avoided the own goal by clearing in time to a corner.
44’ Victoria Hotspurs produced another dangerous move in attack through substitute Henrique Maciel, who took the ball from the defence but form his inviting low cross a shot by ended high.
45+1’ Victoria Hotspurs protested for a penalty when Andrew Mizzi ended on the floor inside the area following a challenge with Igor Misan.
45+3’ Victoria Wanderers’ goalkeeper Giacomo Ratto was well placed and neutralised an effort by Emiliano Lattes who tried to deflect towards goal a cross by Christian Mercieca.
45+4’ The Hotspurs had their last opportunity to save the result but an attempt by Christian Mercieca ended high.
FT (SK VW 1 – VH 0)

Referee: Etienne Mangion