Ghajnsielem,  Sannat Lions and Xaghra United are the oldest football club in Gozo. The 3 clubs were founded in 1936, the same year that the GFA was founded. Xaghra United at that time was named Xaghra Scouts FC. This information was published on social media by football enthusiast Lennard Kelder.

Below is the list of Gozitan teams. Maltese teams have been redacted, the full list can be read on Facebook.

Official foundation dates of all 14 clubs currently actively playing in  Gozo

(in chronological order)

1936: Ghajnsielem FC

1936: Sannat Lions FC

1936: Xaghra United FC (as Xaghra Scouts FC)

1939: Xewkija Tigers FC

1946: Oratory Youths FC (as Salesian Youths FC)

1948: Victoria Hotspurs FC

1953: Kercem Ajax FC

1958: Nadur Youngsters FC

1958: SK Victoria Wanderers (as Victoria City FC)

1968: Gharb Rangers FC

1968: St Lawrence Spurs FC

1968: Qala Saints FC (as Qala St Joseph FC)

1972: Munxar Falcons FC

1975: Zebbug Rovers FC