The Gozo Football Association has elected Dr Samuel Azzopardi as President for the next three years at the end of Annual General Meeting that was held on Friday 19 June 2020.  Dr Azzopardi took the post of President of the association four and a half years ago when there was a change in the administration midway through a term, and therefore this will be his second full term at the helm of the association after serving a partial term in 2015-2017.

The election for the post of President was contested also by Mr Philip Vella, who obtained seven votes from thirty-two eligible votes, while Dr Samuel Azzopardi obtained twenty-five votes.  In his immediate reaction to the result of the election, Dr Samuel Azzopardi said that he was humbled with the strong vote expressed by the GFA Council and said that the success of the previous years was achieved through the continuous support that he had from all the member clubs.  Dr Azzopardi also said that he is looking forward to extending this collaboration so that the GFA will continue to improve the game of football in Gozo.

During the same Annual General Meeting, the other top officials of the association were not contested and therefore they were all confirmed for another term.  Mr Michael Angelo Grech and Mr Charlie Zammit will continue to be the Vice-Presidents of the association, Mr George Cini the Treasurer while Mr Stephen Mercieca and Mr Frankie Grech will continue to be the honourary members.  The club delegates also approved the annual administrative report, the financial statement and also amendments to the statute which were required so that the association would be eligible to register as a Voluntary Organisation.

Top Division 2020/2021 with nine teams

The last GFA Council Meeting for the season 2019/2020, which took place prior to the Annual General Meeting, introduced changes in the competition rules for the next season.

The BOV Gozo Football League of the first division will be contested by nine teams as Gharb Rangers chose to play in the lower category although they were not relegated.  The teams in the top flight can have two foreign players in their list of players for the matches and at the end of the championship, two teams will be automatically relegated.

The BOV Gozo Football league of the second division will be formed of five teams.  Each team can have one foreign player in their list of players for the matches and at the end of the season, the champion of the category will earn promotion.  There will be no play-offs.