On Thursday  4th June, a delegation from the Gozo Football Association composed of the President Dr Samuel Azzopardi, Anthony Grech the Secretary-General and George Cini the Treasurer met the Minister for Gozo Hon. Clint Camilleri to discuss a number of proposals and aid from the Ministry for Gozo aimed at the betterment of the beautiful game. The present challenges that Gozitan Football Clubs are facing where given priority in addition to how clubs can be helped for a better future.

Amongst the points discussed, the President of the Association mentioned the great need for an electrical substation at the Gozo Stadium to address the current electricity shortage there.  He also invited the Gozo Ministry to partner in the live streaming project of the games of the BOV Gozo Football League that has proven to be an utmost success, which project will also serve as an additional source of revenue for the member clubs.

The Minister for Gozo expresses his satisfaction at the work conducted by the Gozo Football Association and its member clubs.  Honourable Minister Clint Camilleri showed keen interest in the proposed projects and committed himself to the realisation of the said projects.

Those present agreed to further the relations between the Ministry for Gozo and the Gozo Football Association.