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This post is part of the GFA Archives Project were we are sharing information about the GFA’s History. Anyone who has information is encouraged to share it with us.

1961/1962 Peter-Paul Camilleri (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1962/1963 Vincent Grech (Victoria Hotspurs FC)
1964/1965 Carmel Zammit (Victoria St.Georges FC)
1965/1966 George Schembri (Rabat 1950 FC)
1966/1967 Horace Mercieca (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1967/1968 Maurice Borg (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1968/1969 Michael Portelli (S.K. Calypsians)
1969/1970 Loreto Galea (Ghajnsielem FC)

1970/1971 Vincent Cutajar (Ghajnsielem FC)
1971/1972 George Grech (S.K. Calypsians)
1972/1973 Victor Camilleri (Xaghra United FC)
1973/1974 Frank Mizzi (Xewkija Tigers FC)
1974/1975 Tony Cauchi (Ghajnsielem FC)
1975/1976 Victor Mercieca (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1976/1977 Mario Camilleri (Ghajnsielem FC)
1977/1978 Frankie Muscat (Sannat Lions FC)

1981/1982 Anglu Bajada (Sannat Lions FC)
1982/1983 Melchior Cremona (Calypsian Bosco Youths FC)
1983/1984 Rosario Xuereb (Xewkija Tigers FC)
1984/1985 Dominic Grech (Victoria Hotspurs FC)
1986/1987 Victor Bajada (Xaghra United FC)
1987/1988 Joe Attard (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1988/1989 Raymond Gafa (Xaghra United FC)
1989/1990 Raymond Buttigieg (Sannat Lions FC)

1990/1991 Mario Bonello (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1991/1992 Dominic Vella (Xaghra United FC)
1992/1993 Raymond Gafa (Xaghra United FC)²
1993/1994 Mario Bonello (Nadur Youngsters FC)²
1994/1995 Loreto Scicluna (Ghajnsielem FC)
1995/1996 Twanny Farrugia (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1996/1997 Dione Lautier (Victoria Hotspurs FC)
1997/1998 Victor Caruana (Xaghra United FC)
1998/1999 Sammy Attard (Nadur Youngsters FC)
1999/2000 Rueben Mercieca (Victoria Hotspurs FC)

2000/2001 Chris Camilleri (Xewkija Tigers FC)
2001/2002 Mario Azzopardi (Zebbug Rovers FC)
2002/2003 Alex Tramboo (Zebbug Rovers FC)
2003/2004 Brian Meilak (Ghajnsielem FC)
2004/2005 Danijel Bogdanovic (Ghajnsielem FC)
2005/2006 Aleksandar Simoncic (Nadur Youngsters FC)
2006/2007 Joseph M. Portelli (Nadur Youngsters)
2007/2008 Josef Buttigieg (Nadur Youngsters)
2008/2009 Mario Azzopardi (Sannat Lions FC)²
2009/2010 John-Paul Grima (Victoria Hotspurs FC)

2010/2011 Chris Camilleri (Sannat Lions FC)²
2011/2012 Rodney Buttigieg (Xewkija Tigers FC)
2012/2013 Milos Stojanovic (Nadur Youngsters FC)
2013/2014 Ferdinando Apap (Xewkija Tigers FC)
2014/2015 John Camilleri (Xewkija Tigers FC)
2015/2016 Shaun Bajada (Ghajnsielem FC)
2016/2017 Steve Sultana (Xewkija Tigers FC)
2017/2018 Christian Mercieca (Victoria Hotspurs FC)
2018/2019 Ferdinando Apap (Victoria Hotspurs FC)²
2019/2020 no award due to COVID-19

GFA Awards 2017-2018

Christian Mercieca receiving the GFA BOV Player of the year 2017-2018.
Photo: Anaca Photography

(Total (53): Nadur Youngsters FC 13; Ghajnsielem FC 8; Xewkija Tigers 7; Victoria Hotspurs FC 7; Xaghra United 6 Sannat Lions FC 5; S.K.Calypsians/Calypsian Bosco Youths FC 3; Zebbug Rovers 2; Victoria St.Georges FC 1; Rabat 1950 FC 1)

Five players, Ferdinando Apap (Xewkija Tigers/Victoria Hotspurs), Raymond Gafa (Xaghra United), Mario Bonello (Nadur Youngsters), Mario Azzopardi (Zebbug Rovers/Sannat Lions) & Chris Camilleri (Xewkija Tigers/Sannat Lions) won the award twice.

This post is part of the GFA Archives Project were we are sharing information about the GFA’s History. Anyone who has information is encouraged to share it with us.


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