Xewkija turn a defeat into a win and retain their top position

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6 December 2020

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I – Match Day 3 Gozo Stadium

SK Victoria Wanderers – FT (2-3) – Xewkija Tigers FC

Referee: Aleksandar Jovanovic

32‘ (1-0) Gabriel Cardona
62’ (2-0) Emerson Zammit
69’ (2-1) Rodney Buttigieg
73’ (2-2) Joel Xuereb
87’ (2-3) penalty Claudio Antunes Pavlidis

SK Victoria W:

G. Ratto, K. Grima (N. Grech), E. Bugeja, A. Obaje, N. Camilleri (O. Curmi), S. Harland, E. Zammit, N. Vella, D.U. Monday, G. Cardona, A. Adesina.

Xewkija T:

F. Vella, J. Axiak, J. Vella, N. Micallef (M. Dingli), M. Mercieca (T. Grech),  J. Buttigieg, C. Antunes Pavlidis, R. Buttigieg, T, Vella, J. Xuereb, J. Sandobal Guarin.

Xewkija Tigers recovered from two goals behind in their match from Match Day 3 of the BOV Gozo Football League of the first division against SK Victoria Wanderers and obtained a 3-2 win so that they registered the third consecutive victory from their first three matches of the championship and they are also sharing the top spot together with the challengers for the title Victoria Hotspurs.  For this match, Xewkija seemed motivated to extend their excellent start this season, while SK Victoria Wanderers took the field with an ambition to obtain their first points after conceding two defeats in their first two matches of the championship.  The match turned out to be very interesting where Xewkija dominated during the opening stages but the Wanderers recovered and ended up enjoying a two-goal lead until mid-way through the second half.  However, Xewkija confirmed their characteristic that they keep fighting until the end despite the difficulties that they encounter so that they managed to recover the deficit with goals scored in the space of four minutes and clinched the win from a penalty that arrived three minutes from the end of regular time.


Xewkija held command of play during the first part of the match and went very close to score an early goal on more than one occasion.

2’ A header by Jhon Sandobal Guarin following a corner kick by Josiah Buttigieg ended just over Victoria’s goal.

5’ Xewkija’s Rodney Buttigieg released Joel Xuereb inside Victoria’s area but the latter had his attempt blocked to a corner by central defender David Udo Monday.

12’ Victoria’s keeper Giacomo Ratto managed to punch a cross from the left by Joel Xuereb and the ball arrived to Matthias Mercieca who hit badly from close distance and the goalkeeper had the opportunity to recover his position and saved the danger.

19’ Xewkija’s Thomas Vella delivered the ball inside Victoria’s area from a free kick but a header by Jhon Sandobal Guarin ended high.

23’ Victoria’s keeper Giacomo Ratto was again called to make an important intervention when he managed to partially save a good shot by Matthias Mercieca following a short clearance by Victoria’s defence.

24’ The Wanderers had their first attempt towards Xewkiaj’s goal that arrived through an initiative by Audgustine James Obaje, who had his shot blocked by the defence and from the rebound the ball arrived to Emerson Zammit who saw his first timer ending away from the target.

28’ Xewkija were again dangerous through a first timer by Thomas Vella, following a cross by Rodney Buttigieg, which ended over Victoria’s goal.

32’ (1-0) SK Victoria Wanderers opened the score when Gabriel Cardona took the ball just outside Xewkija’s area and surprised the keeper with a fine shot.

Xewkija were shocked and the Citizens continued to be more dangerous until the end of the first half.

41’ Victoria Wanderers operated a counter breakthrough Audgustine James Obaje.  The latter passed to Gabriel Cardona but the latter concluded badly from a good position and the ball ended high.

41’ Seconds later the Wanderers could have doubled the score when Audgustine James Obaje took the ball from the defence inside Xewkija’s area but his attempt from close distance was stopped by the post.  From the rebound, the ball arrived to Emerson Zammit who had his shot blocked by the defence.

42’ Victoria Wanderers once again threatened Xewlija’s rear guard through Sam Harland who entered the area but his shot from an angled position was turned to a corner by goalie Franklin Vella.

45+1’ Xewkija could have levelled the score but a back heel by Claudio Antunes following a corner action was well saved by Victoria’s keeper.

HT (1-0)

Xewkija’s reaction during the opening stages of the second period was sterile, while Victoria continued to be more dangerous with the counter breaks.

2’ Audgustine James Obaje entered Xewkija’s territory with a personal action but the goalkeeper left his position in time to block the danger before Emerson Zammit could take the ball and conclude from close distance.

3’ Xewkija replied through a shot by Josmar Vella following a corner action that ended away from Victoria’s goal.

7’ Victoria Wanderers were again dangerous when Audgustine James Obaje released Sam Harland and the latter entered Xewkija’s area but had his shot that was partially saved by goalie Franklin Vella.  From the rebound Xewkija’s Matthias Mercieca recovered in time and cleared the ball from the goalmouth to a corner before Emerson Zammit and Gabriel Cardona could arrive on the ball for the tap-in.

9’ Xewkija could have capitalised better when Jhon Sandobal Guarin headed inside Victoria’s area following a free kick from long distance and the ball arrived to Joel Xuereb who hesitated and at the end his shot was blocked by the defence.

15’ Xewkija’s Rodney Buttigieg had a header following a free kick by Thomas Vella that ended high.

17’ (2-0) SK Victoria Wanderers doubled the score when Audgustine James Obaje took the ball from Xewkija’s defence and from his low cross Emerson Zammit concluded towards goal with the ball crossing the fatal line despite the attempts to block the danger by goalie Franklin Vella and with the ball also hitting the post before the same goalkeeper deflected towards the net.

24’ (2-1) Xewkija managed to regain composure and reduced the score through a header by Rodney Buttigieg following a cross from the left flank by Thomas Vella that surprised Victoria’s rear guard and the goalkeeper.

28’ (2-2) Xewkija gained confidence and levelled the score when Jhon Sandobal Guarin released Joel Xuereb who entered the area, turned around his direct opponent and placed in goal with a fine lob.

33’ SK Victoria Wanderers could have regained the lead when a free kick by Emerson Zammi9t was partially saved by Xewkija’s keeper Franklin Vella but from the rebound Gabriel Cardona saw his shot that ended away from Xewkija’s goal.

41’ (2-3) penalty – The Wanderers were punished for the missed opportunity as Xewkija turned the result in their favour when they were awarded a penalty for a foul by Ajibade Adesina on Rodney Buttigieg and Claudio Antunes Pavlidis converted from the spot-kick so that the Tigers continued to administer their lead for the remaining minutes of the encounter.

FT (SKVW 2 – XT 3)

Referee: Aleksandar Jovanovic


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