Munxar Falcons Division II champions

Munxar Falcons Division II champions

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II

Gozo Stadium – 28th April 2018


Munxar F : 3 (M.M. Uzor 9’, 19’ J. Parnis 12’)

Xuereb, B. Meilak, K. Borg, C. Gafa, R. Meilak, C. Bugeja, S. Muscat, O. Curmi (M. Azzoaprdi), M.M. Uzor, P. Said (M. Debrincat), J. Parnis (J. Grima).

Sannat L : 2 (M.S. Telessi 49’, 70’pen)

Attard, F. Xuereb, F. Camilleri, S. Sultana, M. Portelli (J. Zammit), M. Muscat, A. Camilleri, J. Agius, O. Farrugia, D. Borg (J. Buttigieg), M. Senussi Telessi.


The last match of the BOV Gozo Football League division II campaign for the 2017/2018 season, played at the Gozo Stadium, ended with a deserved 3-2 win for Munxar Falcons over their rivals, and contenders for the main honour, Sannat Lions.  With this result Munxar became champions of the category and won promotion to the top flight next season. This last match turned out into a decisive encounter to establish the champions of the category and the promotion issue. Munxar needed at least a point form this match while Sannat could have earned the title and promotion with a win over the same Munxar.  Munxar put their minds at rest from achieving their objective by opening a comfortable three-goal lead during the first quarter of the playing time. Munxar therefore administered play for the rest of the encounter so that they not only earned the point they needed to become champions but also registered another win over their rivals. The Falcons also remained unbeaten from all matches played against Sannat and also ended the campaign with a tally of 50 points.  Thus, the title won by Munxar at the end of the championship was well deserved as they were in the top positions throughout the campaign, managed to recover immediately after difficulty moments and above all they were always in a better form than Sannat in all direct clashes. Munxar ended a very successful season by winning the double, as they were already winners of the Knock Out competition for the category with a victory in a penalty shootout against the same Sannat.

Sannat tried to be offensive in their play during the opening minutes and in the third minute of play they were dangerous through a shot by Fabian Xuereb that was neutralised by goalie Lorjean Xuereb.  Munxar opened the score in their first serious action within Sannat’s area that arrived on 9 minutes through Michael Mattias Uzor who controlled the ball inside the small area following a cross from the right flank by Ryan Meilak, turned around his direct opponent and placed easily in goal from close distance.  Sannat were shocked and three minutes later Munxar doubled the score with a low drive by Jordi Parnis following a personal action from the left flank.  On 15 minutes Sannat replied with a strike by Mohammed Senussi Telessi that was saved to a corner by goalie Lorjean Xuereb and from the same corner kick by Matthew Portelli, Mark Muscat headed inside the area abut Antoine Camilleri effort was saved to another corner by Munxar’s keeper.  Munxar punished Sannat for the missed chance with the third goal that arrived on 19 minutes when a shot by Paul Said was partially saved by goalie Owen Attard and from the rebound Michael Mattias Uzor concluded easily in goal.  Sannat tried to produce a reaction during the final stages of the first half and on 34 minutes they were dangerous through a shot cross by Frankie Camilleri that was well saved by goalie Lorjean Xuereb.  Two minutes later an attempt by Oliver Farrugia ended just high and on 41 minutes a free kick by Mohammed Senussi Telessi just missed the target. Munxar replied one minute later through a personal action by Jordi Parnis but the striker saw his shot from an angled position that ended on the side of the net.  Sannat went again close to scoring on 44 minutes but Munxar’s keeper Lorjean Xuereb made a very difficult intervention to turn to a corner an effort by Antoine Camilleri and form the same corner action Sannat’s strikers failed to conclude in goal from the melee in front of Munxar’s goalmouth.

Sannat reduced the score with a goal that arrived in the fourth minute of play of the second period when Antoine Camilleri released Mohammed Senussi Telessi inside Munxar’s area and the latter concluded in goal with a low shot.  Sannat kept insisting but Munxar were well deployed and managed to control Sannat’s play.  Sannat however managed to re-open their chances with a second goal that arrived on 70 minutes from a penalty, awarded for a foul by Brian Meilak on substitute Joseph Zammit and Mohammed Senussi Telessi converted from the spot kick.  Three minutes later Sannat had a good opportunity to level the score but a shot by Joseph Zammit was saved to a corner by goalie Lorjean Xuereb.  Sannat suffered a setback in their attempt to recover the deficit on 80 minutes when they ended with ten players on the field as Nicholas Micallef was sent off for a second bookable offence following a foul on substitute Joseph Grima.  Four minutes later Munxar also ended with ten players when skipper Keith Borg was sent for a second caution following a foul on Antoine Camilleri. From the resultant free-kick Sannat’s Josiah Buttigieg had his attempt that was cleared with difficulty to a corner but the score remained unchanged until the final whistle of the referee.

At the end of the match Munxar’s players and their numerous supporters started the celebrations for the success achieved and the festive atmosphere continued when the players and club officials were presented with medals and the trophy of champions by Mr Horace Laudi, the Regional Manager for Bank of Valletta in Gozo, the President of the GFA Dr Samuel Azzopardi and other GFA officials.

Referee: Alan Mario Sant

Munxar obtian win with second half goals

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division Il

Gozo Stadium – 21st April 2018


St Lawrence S : 1 (K. Hili 39’)

Lu. Buttigieg, S. Mizzi (L. Pisani), K. Hili, D. Di Maio (C. Mifsud), J. Theuma, C. Azzopardi, J. Grima, D. Micallef, C. Farrugia, C. Tabone, L. Attard.

Munxar F : 3 (C. Bugeja 9’, M.M. Uzor 79’, J. Parnis 87’)

Xuereb, K. Borg, C. Gafa (B. Meilak), P. Parnis (R. Meilak), C. Bugeja, S. Muscat, M. Debrincat, M. Azzopardi (P. Rapa), M. M. Uzur, J. Parnis, J. Grima.


Munxar Falcons earned the three points they needed from their penultimate match of the campaign against St Lawrence Spurs so that they regained sole leadership and they need just one point form the last match of the league against contenders for the main honour and for promotion Sannat Lions.  With this result Sannat will need the victory from their match against Munxar and therefore the last match of the campaign will be a typical cup tie to determine the champions of the category and the promotion. The match between Munxar and St Lawrence turned out into an interesting encounter where Munxar only managed to clinch the full points at stake with two goals that arrived in the last part of the encounter.


Munxar came out more aggressive and in the seventh minute of play they went close to scoring when Jordi Parnis released Micahel Mattias Uzor but the latter had his shot form an angled position that ended just wide.  Two minutes later Munxar opened the score through an excellent strike by Christian Bugeja, following a short clearance by the defence, which surprised goalie Luke Buttigieg.  Munxar tried to maintain pressure on St Lawrence’s rear guard and on 10 minutes goalie Luke Buttigieg made a good intervention to block an effort by Michael Mattias Uzor.  The Spurs replied on 29 minutes through a shot form long distance by Shaun Mizzi that ended inches wide and five minutes later Denis di Maio had an attempt from outside the area that ended just over Munxar’s crossbar.  St Lawrence levelled the score on 39 minutes when Denis Di Maio released Kenny Hili who placed in goal with a low drive as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to block the danger.  Munxar tried to regain the lead with an immediate reaction but one minute later a shot from an angled position by Michael Mattias Uzor, when the goalkeeper was out of his position, ended wide.


St Lawrence could have turned the result in their favour on 47 minutes when Charlon Tabone released Denis Di Maio inside Munxar’s area but goalie Lorjean Xuereb had excellent timing and blocked the danger.  Three minutes later the same Di Maio concluded badly when he was alone in the area. Munxar replied on 65 minutes when Jordi Parnis concluded towards foal after avoiding the goalkeeper but defender Daniel Micallef recovered his position and cleared the ball from the goalmouth. Five minutes later a header by Munxar’s Joseph Grima following a corner kick by Jordi Parnis ended high.  Munxar kept insisting and on 72 minutes the same goalkeeper saved with difficulty a direct free kick by Jordi Parnis. St Lawrence’s keeper continued to be the protagonist for his side and on 79 minutes he kept his side in contention for a positive result when he blocked in time an effort by Joseph Grima who was alone in the area. Munxar however took their second lead when a cross by substitute Ryan Meilak was followed by Michael Mattias Uzor who headed in a goal from close distance.  St Lawrence were demoralised and Munxar took full advantage to administer their lead and also sealed the victory with a third goal that arrived on 87 minutes through a low drive from an angled position by Jordi Parnis after receiving from Michael Mattias Uzor.

Referee: Massimo Axisa

Munxar register another large win

Munxar register another large win

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II

Kercem Ajax Stadium – 7th April 2018


Munxar F : 6 (M. Azzopardi 15’, O. Curmi 32’, S. Muscat 34’, J. Grima 45+1’, M.M. Uzor 73’, J. Parnis 84’)

Xuereb (L. Gatt), C. Gafa, M. Debrincat, C. Bugeja, P. Parnis, M. Azzopardi, S. Muscat, O. Curmi (P. Rapa), M. M. Uzur (N. Attard), J. Parnis, J. Grima.

Zebbug R : 1 (C. Borg 35’)

Saliba, G. Portelli, M. Formosa, F. Cini, C. Borg, O. Calleja, C. Vella (J. Muscat), A. Buttigieg, M. Ciangura, C. Farrugia (J. Azzopardi), L. Farrugia (O. Mercieca).


Munxar Falcons obtained three easy points from a large win over Zebbug Rovers so that they retained their one-point lead over their contenders for promotion Sannat Lions.  Munxar paved the way to the victory with four goals scored during the first period and sealed the result with two other goals scored during the final stages of the encounter.  With this result Zebbug compromised their possibility to challenge for the third spot on the table in the final stages of the campaign.


 Zebbug created the first scoring opportunity of the encounter in the fifth minute of play through a free kick by Francesco Cini that was saved with difficulty by goalie Lorjean Xuereb.  Zebbug practically compromised their possibility to be stronger challengers to the leaders of the category on 15 minutes when they were reduced to ten players as Matthion Formosa was sent off for stopping Michael Matthias Uzor from entering the area.  From the resultant free kick taken by Oliver Curmi, Zebbug’s goalie Baskal Saliba partially saved on the fatal line and form the rebound Mario Azzopardi arrived in time to place the ball into an open goal.  On 22 minutes Munxar went close to scoring but a shot by Samuel Muscat from the edge of the area hit the crossbar.  In another good action by Junxar few minute later an effort by Jordi Parnis ended just wide. Munxar however scored their second goal on 32 minutes when Paul Parnis prolonged inside the area a corner kick by Jordi Parnis and Oliver Curmi arrived in time to push the ball in goal from close distance.  Two minutes later Munxar scored the third goal that arrived through a first timer by Samuel Muscat following a corner kick by Joseph Grima.  On 35 minutes Zebbug reduced the deficit with a lob from outside the area by Chris Borg that surprised the goalkeeper.  However, Munxar continued to create danger during the final stages of the first half and in the first minute of stoppage time before the break the Falcons scored their fourth goal through a fine shot from outside the area by Joseph Grima that surprised the goalkeeper.


After the resumption Munxar retained command of play but reduced their pressure on Zebbug’s defensive department.  Munxar could have scored another goal on 65 minutes but a strike by Christian Bugeja hit the crossbar. Munxar however scored their fifth goal on 68 minutes when Zebbug’s goalie tried to block the danger following an initiative by Jordi Parnis but Michael Mattias Uzor toom the ball and placed easily in goal.  On 84 minutes Munxar added another goal, scored by Jordi Parnis following a cross by Christian Bugeja.  Four minutes later Munxar’s keeper Liam Gatt made three consecutive intervention to block two consecutive shots by Chris Borg and an attempt by Owen Mercieca and denied Zebbug from scoring their second goal.


Referee: Ryan Caruana