GFA BOV GFL Division I
Gozo Stadium

Kercem A: 0
Vella, O. Spiteri, P. Kyumyurdzhiev, M. Tabone, A. Buttigieg, J.P. Mizzi, K. Mifsud (A. Mizzi), E. Vella, N. Bahiya, O. Rolovic, T. Grozev.

Ghajnsielem: 2    (F. Apap 70’, R. Kooh Sohna 81’pen)
Buttigieg, K. Mercieca, F. Apap, J.J. Sandoval Guarin, E. Lattes, A. Xuereb, S. Cassar, D. Hili (E.D. Bilboa Zarate), J. Camilleri, R. Kooh Sohna (K. Hili), C. Camilleri (A. Tramboo).



Ghajnsielem recovered from the disappointing result in their previous match and obtained the three points at stake from their match against Kercem Ajax.  This was an encounter from match-day 3 of the championship which was postponed due to bad weather and due to the commitments of the Gozitan team in the UEFA Regions’ Cup.  The two teams were aiming to obtain a victory from this clash to earn the top spot.  Kercem were coming from a defeat conceded in their previous match and needed the victory to share the top position with Nadur Youngsters, while Ghajnsielem, who are the only undefeated side in the top flight, were aiming for the victory to take sole leadership on the table.  Kercem seemed more aggressive during the first half but failed to create very good scoring opportunities so that they suffered Ghajnsielem’s reaction after the break and conceded the two goals in the last part of the encounter.

Kercem seemed in a better shape during the opening minutes but they were sterile in attack as Ghajnsielem’s rear guard managed to keep the danger away from their area.  The first serious scoring opportunity of the encounter arrived on 20 minutes when Ghajnsielem’s Kenneth Mercieca hit badly in an attempt to clear the ball from the area and almost committed an own goal but skipper Ferdinando Apap was at the right place and avoided the goal by clearing the ball from the fatal line.  Six minutes later Kercem’s central defender Manuel Tabone recovered his position in time and blocked an initiative by Ghajnsielem’s Raphael Kooh Sohna to a corner.  The same striker created danger inside Kercem’s area on 35 minutes but Kercem’s goalie Franklin Vella managed to neutralise the low shot.  Kercem replied two minutes later through a free kick by Ognjen Rolovic that missed the target.  On 43 minutes Ghajnsielem’s striker Raphael Kooh Sohna headed badly in the area following a cross by Damon Hili from a short free kick by Emiliano Lattes and Kercem’s Petar Kyumyurdzhiev cleared the danger from the small area.  In the first minute of stoppage time before half time Kercem operated a good counter break through debutant Nelson Bahiya but from his cross Ognjen Rolovioc hit badly and the shot ended away from goal.

In the third minute of play of the second period Kercem had a direct free kick by Elton Vella that ended just wide and Ghajnsielem replied four minutes later through an attempt by Raphael Kooh Sohna that was well saved by goalie Franklin Vella.  On 57 minutes a shot on the run by Ghajnsielem’s John Camilleri, following a cross by Antonio Xuereb, ended over the crossbar and two minutes later Kercem’s goalie Franklin Vella managed to hold the ball in time to avoid that a cross by Stefan Cassar arrives to Ghajnsielem’s unmarked strikers Raphael Kooh Sohna and John Camilleri.  Minutes later a shot on the run by Kercem’s Ognjen Rolovic following a low cross by Aaron Buttigieg missed the target and on 70 minutes Ghajnsielem opened the score through a fine header by Ferdinando Apap following a corner kick by Chris Camilleri.  Kercem faile dtoproduce a reaction and three minutes later Ghajnsielem were again dangerous throguhnan effort by John Camilleri that was saved by goalie Franklin Vella.  On 79 minutes Kercem’s defence failed to clear the ball from the area following a corner action but the final shot by Jhon Jairo Sandoval Guarin was deflected on the post with a fine intervention by goalie Franklin Vella.  Ghajnsielem were awarded a penalty on 81 minutes when Nelson Bahiya hit Damon Hili who was trying to shoot at goal and ended away from goal and Raphael Kooh Sohna converted from the spot kick and practically made sure of Ghajnsielem’s win.  Kercem’s best opportunity to re-open the issue arrived on 88 minutes through a shot by Elton Vella following a personal action that was saved with some difficulty by goalie Luke Buttigieg.

Referee: Glenn Tonna