GFA Knock Out Division I Q/final
Sannat Ground

Ghajnsielem: 2       (J. Camilleri 44’, E. Lattes 76’)

Sammut, F. Apap, A. Tramboo (C. Dingli), K. Hili (A. Xuereb), E.D. Blboa Zarate, C. Camilleri, A. Xuereb (D. Hili), E.P. Lattes, R.A. Kooh Sohna, K. Mercieca, J. Camilleri.


Nadur Y: 0

Muscat, J. Buttigieg, D. Stojanovic, R. Da Silva, P. Camilleri (D. Dos Santos), S. Attard, M. Hyzler (M. Zerafa), M. Stojanovic, B. Said, C. Antunes, C. Debono (C. Azzopardi).


Ghajnsielem made up for the defeat conceded against Nadur Youngsters in the match from the championship a week earlier and obtained qualification to the semi-finals of the GFa Division I Knock Out competition at the expense of the same Nadur.  The Blacks seemed in a better shape than their opponents and earned the deserved win with a goal scored in each half.


For this competition match the two sides had some regular players missing either as precaution due to slight injuries or to introduce players who do not find enough playing time in the championship matches.  Ghajnsielem practically won the encounter through an effective deployment in the midfield as Emiliano Lattes and Edison Bilboa Zarate produced their best match since the two players joined the Blacks and had full control of this department throughout the ninety minutes.  Ghajnsielem’s defenders managed to keep control of Nadur’s strikers while Ghajnsielem’s Chris Camilleri, John Camilleri and Rafael Kooh Sohna were a continuous threat to Nadur’s rear guard.  As a result Nadur struggled to impose their play and to create serious danger towards Ghajnsielem’s goal.


In the fourth minute of play Ghajnsielem’s John Camilleri had an attempt from a corner kick by Edison Bilboa Zarate that was cleared off the goalmouth by Ronaldo Da Silva and Nadur replied three minutes later through a shot from long distance by Claudio Antunes that ended away from goal.  Nadur’s Claudio Antunes had another shot from outside the area on 18 minutes that was neutralised by goalie Richard Sammut and Ghajnsielem replied through an attempt by Emiliano Lattes that also ended wide.  On 27 minutes a strike by Rafael Kooh Sohna ended just over Nadur’s goal and on 31 minutes Ghajnsielem’s goalie Richard Sammut was well placed to save to a corner a low shot by Claudio Antunes.  Ten minutes later Ghajnsielem’s Rafael Kooh Sohna had an attempt from a good position that was blocked by Nadur’s defence and on 44 minutes the Blacks opened the score when a direct free kick by Edison Bilboa Zarate was partially saved by goalie Matthew Muscat and from the rebound John Camilleri concluded in goal.


Nadur came out more determined in an attempt to level the score and on 52 minutes they created a good scoring opportunity when Brandon Said released Claudio Antunes but the latter conclude wide from a good position.  Ghajnsielem managed to control Nadur’s efforts for most of time they managed to keep the danger away from their area.  On 73 minutes, substitute Dewide Dos Santos had an attempt directly from a free kick that was saved to a corner by goalie Richard Sammut and in an immediate reply by Ghajnsielem a shot from long distance by Edison Bilboa Zarate ended high.  Ghajnsielem practically made sure of the victory on 76 minutes when Chris Camilleri passed to Emiliano Lattes just outside the area and the latter fired in goal with a first timer.  On 79 minutes Nadur could have reduced the deficit but an effort by Brandon Said ended wide.  One minute later another shot by Emiliano Latter, after receiving from Rafael Kooh Sohna, missed the target and on 82 minutes Nadur’s goalie Matthew Muscat saved to a corner a shot by Rafael Kooh Sohna following a pass by Chris Camilleri.  In the third minute of stoppage time a shot by Nadur’s Ronaldo Da Silva was well saved by Ghajnsielem’s keeper and from the following counter break Ghajnsielem’s John Camilleri failed to conclude at goal so that the score remained unchanged until the final whistle.


Referee: Jude Utulu