GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I
Gozo Stadium

Nadur Y : 1 (D. Krstic 45’)

M. Muscat, S.H. Muller, G. Muscat (J. Buttigieg), D. Farrugia, D. Krstic, J. Grima (M. Hyzler), S. Attard, B. Said, S. Cassar, D. Dos Santos, M. Markovic.

Ghajnsielem FC : 0

J. Grech, An. Xuereb (R. Grima), D. Mercieca, J.J. Sandoval Guarin, K. Mercieca, Al. Xuereb (D. Atzori), P. Taylor, S.F. Bajada, S. Bajada, K. Grima (D. Hili), E.F. Da Silva Santos.

Nadur Youngsters registered their second win from three matches in the championship by defeating Ghajnsielem by a decisive goal scored on the stroke of half time.  The two teams were aiming to obtain a win from this encounter as they needed to make up for their disappointing performance in the respective previous match.  Overall both Nadur and Ghajnsielem managed to produce a positive performance where the two sets of players expressed great determination to achieve their objective.  As a result the match turned out in a balanced encounter where a draw could have been a just result.  In this match Ghajnsielem showed some limitations in attack as they found it extremely difficult to create danger inside Nadur’s area despite their offensive approach.  On the other hand Nadur made good use of their experience and managed to score the goal that decided the issue during a patch of play where the Blacks were expressing supremacy over their opponents.  However, Nadur failed to make sure of the result by scoring a second goal and ended up suffering Ghajnsielem’s reaction until the final whistle of the referee.

Play was rather balanced during the first minutes of the match as the two sides tried to take control of play in the midfield.  Nadur could have opened the score on 14 minutes but a low shot by Darko Krstic from a good position ended wide.  On 26 minutes Ghajnsielem created a good scoring opportunity when Kurt Grima entered the area but his strike was saved with difficulty in two attempts by goalie Matthew Muscat.  Ghajnsielem became more adventurous and two minutes later Nadur’s central defender Sandro Muller recovered in time to clear the ball from the goalmouth to deny Ghajnsielem’s Everton Felipe Da Silva Santos from pushing the ball in goal following a low cross by Alberto Xuereb.  The Blacks created the best scoring opportunity of the first half on 40 minutes when Shaun Bajada’s pressure on Nadur’s rare guard created an ideal situation for Everton Felipe Da Silva who came face to face with the goalkeeper but the Brazilian striker hit badly and his low drive ended wide.  On 45 minutes Nadur broke the deadlock following a prolonged action.  Joseph Grima headed inside the area following a cross from the right flank by Dewide Dos Santos, Brandon said arrived on the ball but his header hit the post and form the rebound Darko Krstic headed easily in goal from close distance.

The Youngsters could have doubled the score after just twenty nine seconds of play of the second period when Brandon Said entered Ghajnsielem’s territory with a personal action but his attempt at goal was well neutralized by goalie Joseph Grech at the edge of the area.  Ghajnsielem struggled to produce pressure on Nadur’s defense in an attempt to level the score but Nadur were well deployed and also created more scoring opportunities particularly through counter breaks.  On 58 minutes Ghajnsielem’s goalie was well placed to save a header by Gabriel Muscat following a corner kick by Dewide Dos Santos.  Two minutes later Nadur protested for a penalty when Darko Krstic ended on the floor in the area following a challenge with an opponent. Ghajnsielem also protested for a penalty on 65 minutes when Everton Felipe Da Silva Santos was challenged for the ball inside the area by Daniel Farrugia.  Nadur were once again dangerous on 70 minutes through a low shot by Joseph Grima that was saved by goalie Joseph Grech.  During the final stages of the match Ghajnsielem increased their efforts in an attempt to save the result and kept continuous pressure on Nadur’s defence.  However the closest that they went to scoring was on 89 minutes through a close ranged shot by San Frank Bajada, following a corner kick by Shaun Bajada, that was saved by goalie Matthew Muscat.

Referee: Darko Stankovic