GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II
Kercem Ajax Stadium

St Lawrence S : 1 (M. Senussi Telessi 78’)

N. Mercieca, S. Mizzi, L. Buttigieg, K.J. Hili, J. Theuma (S. Cauchi), M.S. Telessi, C. Cauchi, C. Azzopardi, J. Grima, D. Micallef (S. Dimech), L. Attard.

Munxar F : 1 (F. Attard 42’)

L. Gatt, B. Meilak, K. Borg, C. Gafa, C. Bugeja (P. Parnis), M. Azzopardi, S. Muscat, M. Debrincat, J. Parnis (P. Said), F. Attard (P. Rapa), M. Maatthias Uzor.

In the last match from the first round of the campaign leaders Munxar Falcons dropped the first points as they were held to a draw of two goals by St Lawrence Spurs.  This match was considered as a decisive match for the Spurs as they needed a victory to reduce their gap from the same Munxar on the table, while the Falcons were aiming to win the full points at stake in an attempt to maintain their perfect start and to increase their lead of the same Spurs have the ambitions to be among the contenders for promotion.  The match turned out into a balanced encounter where the two sides tried hard to obtain the victory and where both sides showed that they have the potential to be among the protagonists of the campaign.  At the end the final result was quite just but satisfied Munxar more since St Lawrence remain with a deficit of seven points from the Falcons.

During the first minutes of play the two sides tried to take control of play.  In the third minute of play Munxar’s Jordi Parnis entered the area but had his attempt that was blocked by goalie Nicholas Mercieca.  St Lawrence replied on 7 minutes through a free kick by Luke Attard that was neutralised by Munxar’s goalie Liam Gatt.  As time passed by Munxar gained more territorial supremacy but the Spurs were well organised at their defence and also operated some dangerous counter breaks.  On 30 minutes the Spurs could have opened the score but an effort by Mohammed Senussi Telessi from an ideal position was saved to a corner by goalie Lorjean Xuereb.  Munxar however opened the score on 42 minutes when St Lawrence’s defence hesitated to clear the ball from the area and Munxar’s Frank Attard won the ball and concluded in goal from an angled position.  St Lawrence replied on the stroke of regular time through a shot by Kenny Hili following a personal action that was saved by Munxar’s keeper Liam Gatt.

The Spurs struggled to produce a reaction after the break as Munxar were confident of their potential and kept control of play.  As a result for most of the time during the second period the two goalkeepers were not called to make any difficult interventions.  St Lawrence however operate a fine move on 68 minutes and managed to clinch the equaliser when Luke Attard’s cross from the right flank arrived to Mohammed Senussi Telessi who headed towards goal with a perfect elevation.  The match during the remaining minutes became more exciting and the two sides had opportunities to win the match.  On 83 minutes St Lawrence’s Kenney Hili entered the area with a personal action but hit badly from close distance and the ball ended wide.  In the first minute of stoppage time Munxar’s goalie Liam Gatt was almost surprised following a strike form outside the area by Christopher Cauhi but the keeper managed to recover and to save the danger in two attempts.  Munxar could have obtained the victory in the third minute of stoppage time but a direct free kick by veteran Brian Meilak was stopped by the crossbar. 

Referee: Gordon Camilleri