GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I
Gozo Stadium

Xewkija T : 1 (H.T. Barbosa Honorato 90+3’)

M. Grima, M. Gauci, D. Bogdanovic, J. Azzopardi, J. Cefai, G. Hili, O. Xuereb (J.M. Vella), M. Stojanovic, C.P. Antunes, H.T. Barbosa Honorato, T. Vella (M. Xerri)

SK Victoria W : 1 (R, Grech 38’)

G. Ratto, N.J. Guerrero, A.G. Attard, M. Vasiljevic, C. Sciortino, I. Xuereb, N. Vella, R. Grech, D.U. Monday, A.A. Ige, A. Adesina.

Xewkija Tigers recovered from a series of disappointing matches and obtained a point from a draw in the match against SK Victoria Wanderers. For this match the two sides were aiming to obtain a victory for different reasons.  Xewkija needed to make up for the poor performances in their previous matches, where they failed to produce convincing play and ended up conceding defeats against teams from the lower part of the table; while the Wanderers needed points in their struggle against relegation.  Xewkija held territorial supremacy for long stretches but they found it difficult to convert their play into scoring opportunities particularly because of a series of difficult interventions by Victoria’s keeper Giacomo Ratto and because they were also punished with Victoria’s goal that arrived near the end of the first half.  Xewkija however managed to save the result with a goal that arrived deep into stoppage time and few second away from the final whistle.

The Tigers could have opened the score after forty one seconds of play but a strike by Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato ended on the crossbar.  On 16 minutes Xewkija were again dangerous when a low drive by Thomas Vella addressed to the far corner of goal was stopped by the base of the post.  Three minutes later Xewkija’s Claudio Antunes had a half volley following a cross by Joseph Cefai ended just wide.  The Wanderers replied on 23 minutes through a header by Abdullahi Ige following a free kick by Anthony George Attard that ended high.  Xewkija’s Joseph Cefai had a shot on the run on 28 minutes following a cross from the left flank that missed then target and in another occasion on 32 minutes another attempt by Thomas Vella ended wide.  The Wanderers opened the score on 38 minutes when Abdullahi Ige released Ryan Grech who entered Xewkija’s area and fired in goal with a fine strike.

After the break Xewkija increased their efforts and on 50 minutes a shot by Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato ended away from Victoria’s goal.  One minute later a free kick by Xewkija’s Claudio Antunes had a free kick that missed the target and on 57 minutes Xewkija operated a counter break but Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato’s shot was partially saved by goalie Giacomo Ratto and form the rebound the same keeper blocked the attempt by Thomas Vella.  Five minutes later the Wanderers threatened Xewkija’s rearguard but a shot by Ryan Grech was well saved by Xewkija’s keeper Mark Grima.  On 63 minutes Victoria’s keeper was called to make a difficult save to turn to a corner a fine strike from outside the area by Thomas Vella and two minutes later Victoria’s rear guard failed to clear the ball from the edge of the area but Claudio Antunes’s shot was weak and easily saved by goalie Giacomo Ratto.  On 66 minutes Victoria’s keeper was well placed and saved in two attempts a low shot by Gennaro Hili following a cross by Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato.  Victoria’s keeper continued to distinguish himself as the main protagonist of the encounter sand on 73 minutes he neitrsalised with ability a low shot by Claudio Antunes and in the first minute of stoppage time the same keeper partially saved a shot by Gennaro Hili and form the rebound he saved to a corner a low shot from outside the area by substitute Manwel Xerri.  Xewkija clinched the equaliser in the third minute of stoppage time through a close ranged header by Halleson Thiago Barbosa Honorato following a cross by Daniel Bogdanovic.

Referee: Glen Tonna