GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II

Kercem Ajax Stadium – 17 November 2018

St Lawrence S FC: 0

Brignoli, C. Mercieca, S. Sultana, J. Theuma (A. Xiberras), C. Cauchi, C. Azzopardi, D. Micallef, C. Farrugia, L. Buttigieg (R. Zammit), F. Kosova, M. Zerafa (C. Borg).

Oratory Y FC: 0

Sammut, G. Attard, J. Azzopardi, E. Buttigieg, K. Grima, P. Said (A. Zammit), G. Micallef (J.M. Portelli), S. Azzopardi, T.M.F. Dos Santos, O. Saliba (N. Attard), S. Curmi.


St Lawrence Spurs and Oratory Youths both recovered from some disappointing results and earned a point each from a goalless draw in the first match of the second round for the two sides.  In this match the two sides showed that they both have some limitations in attack and as a result they both failed to take advantage of the results of the other two match from Match-Day 6 of the campaign.  With this result Oratory and St Lawrence both dropped by one place on the standings although they remain within reach of the top positions.

The Spurs were more offensive in their play during the opening minutes and on 6 minutes they could have opened the score but Charlon Farrugia incredibly conclude wide when he was in front of Oratory’s goal.  Four minutes later the same Farrugia received an inviting ball inside Oratory’s area from Simon Sultana but goalie Richard Sammut was well placed and the latter blocked the danger. Oratory’s keeper was again called to make an important intervention on 11 minutes following a low drive by Jason Theuma who came face to face with Richard Sammut following a personal action.  The Youths recovered from the difficult start and as time passed by they started to share play with their opponents in the midfield. However, the youths were very weak in attack and their only attempts arrived through shots from outside the area by Paul Said and Kersten Grima that were neutralized by goalie Angelo Brignoli.

St Lawrence regained some territorial supremacy after the break and on 51 minutes Franci Kosova released Charlon Farrugia inside Oratory’s area but the latter had his attempt saved to a corner by goalie Richard Sammut.  On 55 minutes the Spurs lost another good scoring opportunity but a strike by Jason Theuma from a good position, following a cross by Simon Sultana, missed the target. St Lawrence continued to dictate matters and on 69 minutes a cross shot by Louis Buttigieg was stopped by Oratory’s crossbar.  The Youths replied on 73 minutes through a good shot by Kersten Grima that ended just wide and on 83 minutes a strike by St Lawrence’s Charles Mercieca ended high. St Lawrence’s last scoring opportunity arrived on 87 minutes through a shot from outside the area by Charlon Farrugia but goalie Richard Sammut was well placed and neutralized the danger without difficulty.  Oratory went very close to earn a dramatic win on 89 minutes but Thiago Melo Dos Santos hesitated to hit the ball following an inviting low cross inside St Lawrence’s area by Kersten Grima so that the defense cleared the danger. In the third minute of stoppage time Oratory’s Kersten Grima came face to face with St Lawrence’s goalie but the latter held his position and saved the danger so that the match ended in a goalless draw.

Referee: Kurt Saliba