GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II

Kercem Ajax Stadium – 28 September 2019


Munxar Falcons FC : 1

Zebbug Rovers FC : 3


17’ (0-1) Elijah Xuereb

22’ (0-2) Tiago Barbosa

54’ (1-2) Jose Hinrichs Cleiton

87’ (1-3) Tiago Barbosa


Munxar F:

Azzopardi, N. Haber (L. Cilia), P. Parnis (P. Debono), M. Azzopardi, L. Meilak, L. Attard, J. Hinrichs Cleiton (M. Attard), M. Debrincat, J. Grech, D.P. Borg, F. Azzopardi.

Zebbug R:

Saliba, C. Farrugia (J. Muscat), M. Formosa, O. Calleja, L. Farrugia (M. Grima), O. Farrugia, E. Xuereb (R. Grima), J. Azzopardi, E. Galea, P.P. Buttigieg, T. Barbosa.

Referee: Ryan Caruana


In the last match from Match-Day 1 of the BOV Gozo Football League of the second division, Zebbug Rovers registered a 3-1 win over Munxar Falcons so that they started their commitments in the 2019/2020 league on a fine note.  Zebbug, who ended up with very disappointing placing at the end of the past seasons in the lower category, seemed determined to start the campaign on the right foot. The Rovers surprised their opponents during the first quarter of the encounter and administered well Munxar’s reaction.  Zebbug sealed the win with a goal that arrived during the dying stages of the encounter so that they ended up leaving the field of play with the full points at stake. In this match Munxar struggled to remain in contention for a positive result and found it extremely difficult to recover from the difficult start where they compromised the result by conceding two early goals from their oppionents.


During the opening minutes the two sides were very prudent in an attempt to protect their respective goal but as time passed by Zebbug became more direct in their play and paved the way to the win with two goals scored in the space of five minutes.

7’ a free kick by Zebbug’s Tiago Barbosa hit the crossbar.

12’ Munxar replied with a fine header by Jose Hinrichs Cleiton following a free kick by Luke Meilak that was easily saved by goalie Baskal Saliba.

17’ (0-1) Zebbug opened the swcore through a fine shot by Elijah Xuereb from the edge of the area that ended out of the reach of Munxar’s keeper.

Munxar were shocked and continued to suffer Zebbug’s play.

22’ (0-2) Zebbug doubled the score through Tiago Barbosa who took the ball inside Munxar’s area and netted with a low shot.

25’ Zebbug’s goalie Baskal Saliba left his position in time to clear the ball before Munxar’s Derek Paul Borg could conclude towards goal.

36’ Zebbug’s keeper was once again called to make a good intervention following an effort from a free kick by Jose Hinrichs Cleiton.

41’ Munxar gained confidence and once again threatened Zebbug’s defence through a shot from the edge of the area by Jose Hinrichs Cleiton that ended just over the crossbar.

45’ An attempt by Munxar’s Mario Azzopardi missed the target.

HT (0-2)

After the break Zebbug tried to administer their lead and were often more dangerous through their counter breaks.

47’ A shot by Zebbug’s Tiago Barbosa following a personal action was well saved to a corner by Munxar’s keeper Frankie Azzopardi.

49’ Munxar should have capitalised better when Zebbug’s goalie failed to hold a free kick by Jose Hinrichs Cleiton, but Mark Debrincat hit badly from close distance and the ball ended wide.

51’ Zebbug’s Tiago Barbosa produced a personal action within Munxar’s area but from his pass Lucas Farruiga arrived late and his attempt was blocked to a corner.

52’ Elijah Xuereb passed through Munxar’s defence but he prolonged the ball as he entered the area so that Munxar’s keeper Frankie Azzopardi managed to block the danger.

54’ (1-2) Munxar re-opened the issue through a goal scored by Jose Hinrichs Cleiton who passed through Zebbug’s defence from the left flank and placed in goal with a fine shot from an angled position.

59’ Munxar had a goal by Derek Paul Borg, who concluded in goal following a free kick by Luke Attard, which was disallowed for an offside infringement.

62’ Munxar’s keeper Frankie Azzopardi kept his side in contention with a fine save following an effort by Oliver Farrugia who was alone in the area.

64’ Zebbug were again dangerous through a free kick by Elijah Xuereb that ended just high.

As time passed by Munxar’s reaction became sterile and play took place in the midfield.

87’ (1-3) Zebbug sealed the win when Oliver Farrugia headed inside Munxar’s area following a free kick by Matthion Formosa and Tiago Barbosa concluded in goal with a low shot.

90’ Zebbug’s keeper Baskal Saliba denied Munxar from scoring a second goal when he turned to a corner a shot from long distance by Francesco Azzopardi

FT (1-3)


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