GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II
MD 9 Kercem Ajax Stadium 21 December 2019

St Lawrence Spurs FC : 5
Zebbug Rovers FC : 1


15’ (1-0) Matthias Michael Uzor

45+1’ (2-0) Charlton Mifsud

52’ (3-0) Charlton Mifsud

56’ (3-1) Tiago Barbosa

83’ (4-1) Charlon Farrugia

88’ (5-1) Matthias Michael Uzor


St Lawrence S:

Brignoli, G. Portelli, A. Xiberras, C. Grima, C. Cauchi (S. Sultana), M. Michael Uzor, J. Grima, D. Micallef, C. Farrugia, L. Buttigieg (M. Camilleri Psaila), C. Mifsud (K. Formosa).

Zebbug R:

Saliba, C. Farrugia, M. Formosa, O. Calleja (M. Grima), R. Grima (L. Farrugia), S. Sultana, F. Attard, E. Xuereb, E. Galea (O. Farrugia), P.P. Buttigieg, T. Barbosa.

Referee: Dorian Caruana


St Lawrence Spurs extended their positive run in the campaign with three points obtained from a 5- win over Zebbug Rovers.  St Lawrence’s win was well deserved as they managed to capitalise form their scoring opportunities at crucial stages of the encounter.  Zebbug seemed determined to obtain a positive result but they were erratic in their finishing and also committed mistakes at their defence so that they compromised the possibility to remain in contention during the last part of the encounter.  This was also St Lawrence’s second win over Zebbug in the campaign as the Spurs won the match between the two sides of the first round with the odd goal form five.


Play was quite balanced during the opening stages of the encounter with very few scoring opportunities at the two ends of the pitch.

12’ Zebbug went close to scoring but a header by Tiago Barbosa form a corner action ended just high.

15’ (1-0) St Lawrence opened the sore when Charlton Mifsud took the ball from Zebbug’s defence as central defender Peter Buttigieg tried to pass towards his goalkeeper, the same Mifsud ended on the floor as he tried to turn around the goalie but the ball arrived to an unmarked Matthias Michael Uzor who placed easily into an open goal.

31’ The Rovers replied through a free kick by Tiago Barbosa that was saved with difficulty by St Lawrence’s keeper Angelo Brignoli.

45+1’ (2-0) St Lawrence doubled the score through a personal action by Matthias Michael Uzor who entered the area by avoiding at least three defenders inside the area but his low shot was partially saved by the goalkeeper.  However, the ball arrived to Charlton Mifsud who placed in goal from close distance.

HT (2-0)


St Lawrence were in the driving seat during the second period and managed to produce more scoring opportunities.

5’ Matthias Michael Uzor entered Zebbug’s territory from the left flank and form his cross an attempt by Adrian Xiberras was blocked by the defence.  The ball arrived to an unmarked Charlton Mifsud who had his shot that ended just wide.

7’ (3-0) The Spurs increased their lead when a header by Adrian Xiberras from a corner kick by Charlon Farrugia hit the crossbar and from the rebound Zebbug’s defence cleared off the line but the ball bounced on Charlton Misud and ended in goal.

8’ Zebbug went very close to reduce the deficit but a low shot by Tiago Barbosa was saved to a corner  by goalie Baskal Saliba and from the same corner kick, taken by Elijah Xuereb, a header by substitute Oliver Farrugia was partially saved with difficulty by goalie Angelo Brignoli and the same keeper turned to a corner another close ranged header by Tiago Barbosa.  From the resultant corner kick Oliver Farrugia’s header from a good position ended just wide.

10’ St Lawrence’s goalie once again denied Zebbug from scoring when he made a good save to turn to a corner an effort by Tiago Barbosa.

11’ (3-1) A corner kick by Elijah Xuereb arrived to Tiago Barbosa who headed in goal from close distance.

Zebbug increased their efforts in an attempt to re-open the issue but they were erratic in their finishing and at the same time they conceded more space for St Lawrence to operate counter breaks.

38’ (4-1)  St Lawrence added another goal when Charlton Mifsud released Charlon Farrugia who netted the fourth goal with a low drive.

43’ (5-1) The Spurs increased their lead when Zebbug’s rear guard failed to clear the ball from the edge of the area and Matthias Michael Uzor took the ball and lobbed easily into an open goal.

FT (5-1)