Gharb eliminate Ghajnsielem in penalty shoot-out

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GFA Division I KO Q/final
Kercem Ajax Stadium – 10 November 2019

Gharb Rangers FC: 2
Ghajnsielem FC: 2
Gharb win 5-3 on penalties 

3’ (0-1) Kurt Grima
60’ (1-1) Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes
65’ (2-1) Pablo Vinicius Ferreira
87’ (2-2) Nemanja Stojanovic


Gharb: Ghajnsielem:

Camilo Andres Babilonia (1-0) Jhon Arboleda Valencia (1-0, high)

Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes (2-0) Nemanja Stojanovic (2-1)

Joseph Grima (3-1) Alberto Xuereb (3-2)

Haruna Shodija Shola (4-2) Sebastien Eduardo Martinez Turizo (4-3)

Predrag Djorovic (5-3)


Gharb R:

Spiteri, J.P. Grima, O.G. Fernandes, J. Portelli (C. Grech), H.S. Shola, P. Vinicius Ferreira (P. Djorovic), J. Grima, S. Sillato, J. Xuereb, P.P. Camilleri, C.A. Babilonia.


Buttigieg, J. Tabone, P. Nunez Del Castillo (S.E. Martinez Turizo), A. Agyeman, Al. Xuereb, An. Xuereb (I.N. Belhadj), N. Stojanovic, J. Arboleda Valencia, M. Bezzina (K. Farrugia), K. Grima, I. Belhadj (D. Hili).


In the third match from the quarter final stage of the Knock Out competition for the top category in Gozitan football Gharb Rangers obtained qualification to the semi-finals with a win over Ghajnsielem in a penalty shoot-out.  Ghajnsielem were favourites to win the qualification and during the first half they lived up to the expectations as they held control of play. The Blacks however failed to open a comfortable lead and during the second period they suffered Gharb’s determined reaction.  The Rangers turned the result in their favour and Ghajnsielem were forced to produce an extra effort during the final stages of the regular time to clinch the equaliser and prolonged the encounter into extra time. The extra 30 minutes of play were well contested, although Ghajnsielem produced more offensive play, but the score remained unchanged and the qualification was determined through the penalty shoot-out.  Gharb scored their five shots from the spot kick while Ghajnsielem compromised the possibility to reach the semi-finals as they missed their first penalty kick.


During the opening minutes of the encounter play took place in the midfield but as time passed by Ghajnsielem took command of the midfield and became more direct in their offensive play.

2’ Gharb however produced the first serious attempt towards goal through an initiative by Pablo Vinicius Ferreira who entered the area but had his low shot blocked to a corner by Ghajnsielem’s keeper Luke Buttigieg.

3’ (0-1) Ghajnsielem opened the score in their first serious attempt within Gharb’s territory when Jhon Arboleda Valencia entered the area from the left flank and from his inviting cross Kurt Grima pushed the ball in goal from close distance.

6’ Gharb’s goalie Daniel Spiteri was called to make a good intervention to save in two attempts a strike by Nemanja Stojanovic.

Ghajnsielem enjoyed territorial supremacy but failed to convert their play into good scoring opportunities.

27’ A shot on the run by Ghajnsielem’s Alberto Xuereb ended just wide.

28’ Ghainsjielem’s Michael Bezzina passed to Nemanja Stojanovic inside Gharb’s area but the latter had his curling shot that ended just over the crossbar.

43’ Ghajnsielem protested for a penalty when Gharb’s defender Camilo Andres Babilonia blocked an attempt of cross by Ghajnsielem’s Alberto Xuereb.

HT (0-1)


Gharb came out in a better shape for the second period and seemed determined to produce a reaction.

4’ Gharb’s Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes entered Ghajnsuielem’s area with a personal action but was denied from scoring with an effective intervention by the defence which cleared the danger to a corner.  From the same corner kick by Pablo Vinicius Ferreira, Camilo Andres Babilonia’s header from a good position ended high.

6’ Gharb were again dangerous through a strike by Joseph Grima that was well saved by goalie Luke Buttigieg.0

15’ (1-1) Gharb levelled the score when Pabo Vinicius Ferreira passed through Ghajnsielem’s defence from the left flank and released Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes inside the area so that the latter placed easily in goal with a low drive as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to block the danger.

20’ (2-1)  Gharb turned the result in their favour through an excellent strike from outside the area by Pablo Vinicius Ferreira that ended out of the reach of Ghajnsielem’s goalkeeper.

Ghajnsielem’s reaction was sterile.

28’ Gharb were again dangerous through a fine shto from outside the area by Haruna Shola that was saved with some difficulty by goalie Luke Buttigieg.

31’ Gharb continued to enjoy more space for counter breaks and a cross-shot by Joseph Grima surprised Ghajnsielem’s keeper but the ball ended over the crossbar.

39’ Gharb should have made sure of the win by scoring the third goal but another attempt by Joseph Grima following a personal action ended just wide/.

42’ (2-2) Gharb were punished for the missed chances as Ghajnsielem scored the equaliser through a shot by Nemanja Stojanovic from the edge of the area following a prolonged action.

45’ Ghajnsielem could have regained the lead but substitute Damon Hili had an attempt form an angled position following a personal action that was well saved by Gharb’s keeper.

45+2’ Ghajnsielem went again close to scoring but a header by Nemanja Stojanovic following a free kick by substitute Sebastien Eduardo Martinez Turizo ended wide.

90mins (2-2)


Extra time – Ghajnsielem saw more of the ball during the extra time but Gharb were well deployed at their defence and also operated some dangerous counter breaks.

6’ Gharb went very close to scoring when Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes passed inside Ghajnsielem;s area to Haruna Shola but the latter saw his low shot when the goalkeeper was out of his position that ended just wide.

12’ Gharb’s goalie Daniel Spiteri was well placed to neutralise a strike form outside the area by Sebastien Eduardo Martinez Turizo.

15’ Ghajnsielem’s Jhon Arboldea Valencia had a header from a good position that ended wide.

HT-extra time (2-2)

3’ Ghajnsielem protested for a penalty, alleging handling when Gharb’s defender Samuel Sillato tried to protect the ball inside his area.

Until the end of extra time play continued to be contested but the two sides failed to produce dangerous actions towards goal and the qualification was decided through the penalty shoot-out.

FT a.e.t. (2-2)



Gharb Ghajnsielem

Camilo Andres Babilonia (1-0) Jhon Arboleda Valencia (1-0, high)

Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes (2-0) Nemanja Stojanovic (2-1)

Joseph Grima (3-1) Alberto Xuereb (3-2)

Haruna Shodija Shola (4-2) Sebastien Eduardo Martinez Turizo (4-3)

Predrag Djordevic (5-3)

FT on penalties (7-5)

Referee: Joseph Scerri

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