Victoria Hotspurs obtain a deserved win

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6 March 2020
GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I – Match Day 15 Gozo Stadium

Kercem Ajax FC : 0
Victoria Hotspurs FC : 2

9’ (0-1) Henrique De Souza Maciel
70’ (0-2) penalty Emiliano Patricio Lattes
85’ (red card) El Mehdi Sydqi (VH)

Kercem A:
V. Dizdarevic, D. Cassar, J. Sandobal Guarin, G. Muscat, D. Krstic (B. Polo Longarela), J. Buttigieg, A. Debrincat, E. Vella, N. Mercieca, O. Spiteri, M. Perisic.

Victoria H:
A. Parnis, L. Grima, E.M. Sidqy, C. Mercieca, J. Pace, A. Mizzi, J. Bajada (S. Nayar), S.P. Bajada (C. Abela), H. De Souza Maciel, F. Marra (D. Bellotti), E.P. Lattes.

Victoria Hotspurs scored a goal in each half in their match against Kercem Ajax and with the points obtained they took full advantage of Ghajnsielem’s result, in their respective match from Match-Day 16, to consolidate their position at the third place on the standings. The Hotspurs held territorial supremacy for long stretches during the encounter but they found it difficult to put their minds at rest from the win at an early stage. Kercem compromised the result by conceding a goal during the opening minutes and at the same time they failed to convert in goals their best opportunities on Victoria’s goal so that the Ajax ended up suffering three defeats from three matches against Victoria in the championship.

The Hotspurs, who had striker Elton Da Silva missing due to a suspension, tried to impose their superiority form the first minutes of play.
9’ (0-1) Victoria Hotspurs opened the score when Henrique Maciel passed through Kercem’s defence with a personal action and placed in goal with a low shot.
13’ Victoria Hotspurs could have created more danger towards Kercem’s goal when the defence failed to clear the ball from their area but Christian Mercieca and Shaun Bajada hit badly in attempts from the resultant melee and goalie Vladimir Dizdarevic neutralised the danger.
16’ In another good action by the Hotspurs a header by El Mehdi Sydqi from a corner kick by Emiliano Lattes was saved by Kercem’s goalie.
23’ The same goalkeeper was called to make another important intervention to save a strike by Henrique Maciel.
27’ Kercem had their first attempt towards Victoria’s goal but a shot by Andrea Debrincat ended high.
31’ Kercem once again threatened Victoria’s defence but a header by Andrea Debrincat following a cross by Gabriel Muscat ended wide.
35’ Victoria Hotspurs protested for a penalty when Christian Mercieca ended on the floor inside Kercem’s area when he was trying to pass defender Owen Spiteri.
43’ Victoria’s Emiliano Lattes had an attempt from outside the area that was deflected to a corner by Kercem’s defender Daniel Cassar.
44’ Kercem’s goalie Vladimir Dizdarevic partially saved a low drive by Christian Mercieca after receiving from Henrique Maciel and from the rebound Emiliano Lattes took the ball but had his shot blocked by defender Daniel Cassar among protests by Victoria alleging handling bu the defender.
HT (0-1)

The Hotspurs continued to dictate matters from the early stages of the second period.
3’ Victoria’s Henrique Maciel passed through Kercem’s defence an released Christian Mercieca but the latter had his shot that was well saved by goalie Vladimir Dizdarevic.
4’ The Hotspurs were also unlucky when a strike by Francesco Marra ended on the crossbar.
6’ Kercem’s goalkeeper was called to make a difficult save to turn to a corner a shot from outside the area by Emiliano Lattes.
9’ The same goalkeeper was well placed and again saved to a corner with difficulty a shot from outside the area by Shaun Bajada.
16’ Victoria Hotspurs could have scored a second goal but a lobby Henrique Maciel, when the goalkeeper was out of his position, ended high.
18’ Victoria’s Christian Mercieca missed another opportunity to score another goal for his side as his attempt form a good position ended away from goal.
20’ In another action by the Hotspurs a low shot by Francesco Marra was saved to a corner by Kercem’s goalie.
25’ (0-2) penalty – The Hotspurs were awarded a penalty when Kercem’s defender Daniel Cassar floored Francesco Marra, who was heading towards an open goal after avoiding the goalkeeper, and Emiliano Lattes doubled the score for the Citizens with the shot from the spot-kick.
30’ Victoria Hotspurs had a goal scored by Christian Mercieca that was disallowed for an offside.
Kercem came out of their defence during the final stages of the encounter.
31’ Victoria’s goalie Adrian Parnis saved a good shot by Andrea Debrincat after receiving from Milos Perisic.
39’ Kercem went again close to scoring but a close-range shot by Andrea Debrincat was again saved by goalie Adrian Parnis.
40’ (red card) Victoria Hotspurs ended with ten players when central defender El Mehdi Sydqi slipped and ended up holding the ball to stop a potential break to Kercem’s striker so that the referee showed the red card to Victoria’s defender and from the resultant free-kick the attempt by Elton Vella was saved by Victoria’s keeper.
45+1’ The Hotspurs had another opportunity to seal the win but a shot by Henrique Maciel from a good position ended away from goal.
FT (KA 0 – VH 2)

Referee: Jason Portelli

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