Leaders Qala turn a defeat into a win

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7 January 2023
GFA BOV GFL 1st Division (MD 10) Gozo Stadium

Qala Saints FC : 3
Sannat Lions FC: 1

17’ (0-1) Camilo Andres Sanchez Gonzales
32’ (1-1) Julian Yoiti Suzuki Bicudo
37’ (2-1) Nathan Chukwudi Njoku
45’ (3-1) Rafael Conrado Prudente
90+6’ (red card) Christian Dingli (SL)
90+6’ (red card) Joshua Buttigieg (QS)

Qala S:
O. Attard, L. Grima, M. Buttigieg (J. Xerri), J.Y. Suzuki Bicudo (L. Attard), Jsh. Buttigieg, A. Carvalho, E.
Buttigieg, J. Parnis, R.C. Prudente, N.C. Njoku, M. Xerri.

Sannat L:
L. Buttigieg, A. Sultana, R.H. Alves Saldanha, T. Agius (M. Farrugia), N. Grima (O. Grech), C.A.
Sanchez Gonzales, L. Silva Gomes, C. Dingli, M. Mifsud (J. Cassar), A. Azzopardi, L. Hengemuhler.

Qala Saints defended their top spot on the table with the points obtained from a 3-1 win over bottom-placed Sannat Lions. Qala were favourites to register the double over Sannat but during the early
stages, the Maroons were surprised by Sannat as the latter took the lead with a goal scored during the
first part of the encounter.

Qala however recovered from the difficult start and managed to turn the result in their favour with three
goals scored during the final stages of the first half. Sannat was demoralised and for the rest of the
encounter, they continued to suffer Qala’s play although the score remained unchanged.

For this match, Sannat gave a debut to Argentine central defender Lautaro Hengemuhler, while Qala
had their two regular central defenders Joao Vitor Ferrari Silva and Joseph Buttigieg missing due a

Sannat came out more motivated and during the first half hour of play they shared play with the
maroons. However, the latter had an immediate reaction as soon as Sannat took the lead and
managed to turn the result in their favour with three goals scored during the last minutes of the first half.
2’ Sannat missed a good scoring opportunity but a lob by Camilo Andres Sanchez Gonzales when
Qala’s keeper was out of his position and ended wide.

4’ Qala replied through a header from close distance by Nathan Chukwudi Njoku that missed the target.
17’ (0-1) Sannat opened the score when Mario Mifsud delivered the ball inside Qala’s area and Camilo
Andres Sanchez Gonzales controlled well and placed in goal with a low drive.
19’ Qala’s reaction arrived through a shot by Rafael Conrado Prudente that was saved to a corner by
goalie Luke Buttigieg.
32’ (1-1) Qala managed to level the score when striking from outside the area by Julian Yoiti Suzuki
Bicudo got a deflection by Sannat’s defender Tristen Agius and the ball took a direction that was out of
the reach of the goalkeeper and ended in the net.
35’ Qala increased their pressure and were again dangerous through an effort by Jordi Parnis that was
saved by goalie Luke Buttigieg.
37’ (2-1) The Maroons turned the result in their favour when Manwel Xerri released Nathan Chukwudi
Njoku from the midfield and the young striker concluded in goal as the goalkeeper left his position in an
attempt to block the danger.
42’ Qala’s Suzuki Bicudo had a good strike from outside the area but the ball ended wide.
44’ In another offensive action by Qala, Nathan Chukwudi Njoku passed to Rafael Conrado Prudente,
the latter turned around Sannat’s goalie but missed the opportunity to conclude into an open goal so
that the ball ended on the side of the net.
45’ (3-1) Qala increased their lead through Raphael Conrado Prudente who produced a personal
action exchanged the ball at the edge of the area with Jordi Parnis and fired towards the roof of the net
from a close distance.
HT (3-1)
Second Half
After the resumption, Sannat’s reaction was sterile while Qala continued to enjoy territorial supremacy
and went close to adding more goals on more than one occasion.
5’ Sannat’s keeper Luke Buttigieg made an excellent intervention to turn to a corner with a low shot by Ayesller
6’ The same goalkeeper was again well placed and saved again to a corner another attempt by the same
11’ Qala’s Jordi Parnis had a good attempt that was also saved to a corner by Sannat’s goalie Luke
17’ The Maroons were dangerous through a free kick by Ayesller Carvalho but the ball ended high.
45’ (crossbar) Qala could have scored the fourth goal but a shot from close distance by Jordi Parnis was
stopped by the crossbar.

45+6’ (red cards) Seconds before the end of the encounter Sannat’s Christian Dingli and Qala’s Joshua
Buttigieg was sent off for retaliation.

FT (QS 3 – SL 1)
Referee: Slawomir Olucha

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