Direct clash for the third spot ends in a draw

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21 March 2024

GFA BOV Gozo Football League 1st Division (MD 18) Gozo Stadium

SK Victoria Wanderers FC : 0

Xewkija Tigers FC : 0

SK Victoria W:

A. Parnis, A. Galiano Lazarini, N. Camilleri, K. Mercieca (N. Grech 84), M.V. Claudino Ramos (Choco), J. Conceicao Cabral, E. Zammit, C.S. Souza Da Silva, G. Farrugia, A. Touarha, J. Xuereb (J. Saliba 60), L. Fenech.

Xewkija T:

N. Kosanin, J. Axiak, Js. Vella, D. Bogdanovic, M. Mercieca (A. Debrincat 75), J. Buttigieg (D. Bugeja 75), R. Buttigieg, A. Bozovic, C.D. Frances, B.A. Parada, C. Abela.

The direct clash for the third place on the table between Xewkija Tigers and SK Victoria Wanderers did not produce any goals and with the point obtained by each side, the Tigers retained their third spot with a one-point lead over the same Wanderers.

The match between the two sides turned out to be an entertaining encounter with various scoring opportunities and the win could have gone either.  The Wanderers enjoyed more possession and produced more offensive play throughout the ninety minutes but they failed to capitalise from their chances so that their opponents remained in contention and produced enough scoring opportunities where they could have clinched the three points at stake.

Photo: Anthony Cassar


SK Victoria Wanderers seemed more motivated during the opening minutes and saw more of the ball but Xewkija were well organised in their defence and managed to be dangerous with occasional breaks.

11’ Victoria’s Marcus Vinicius Claudino Ramos had a good shot from a long distance but the ball ended away from goal.

15’ Xewkija’s goalie Nikola Kosanin was well placed and saved a good attempt by Victoria’s Luke Fenech.

16’ The Tigers replied with a lob from a good position by Claudio Daniel Frances but the ball missed the target.

17’ Victoria could have capitalised better when Luke Fenech delivered the ball in front of Xewkija’s goal from a corner but Gabriel Farrugia’s header from close distance ended wide.

18’ (protests for penalty) Xewkija protested for a penalty when Claudio Daniel Frances ended up on the floor inside Victoria’s area as he tried to pass an opponent.

23’ Victoria gave away another good scoring opportunity when Alexandre Galiano Lazarini headed wide an inviting ball from a free kick by Marcus Vinicius Claudino Ramos.

28’ Xewkija replied with an attempt from a free kick by Claudio Daniel Frances but the ball ended high.

29’ Victoria’s goalie Adrian Parnis was well placed and neutralised a good shot from outside the area by Josiah Buttigieg.

35’ The Wanderers were again dangerous when Junior Conceicao Cabral passed to Gabriel Farrugia inside Xewkija’s area but the latter saw his low drive that ended wide.

40’  Victoria could have capitalised better when Caique Silvio Souza Da Silva passed through Xewkija’s defence but his final shot from a good position ended away from goal.

HT (0-0)

Second Half

Xewkija came out for the second period more determined and during the opening stages they produced some pressure on Victoria’s defence.  However, the Citizens recovered and as time passed by, they regained control of play although the strikers of the two sides continued to miss potential scoring opportunities.

1’ Xewkija could have opened the score after just 18 seconds of play when Brian Alejandro Parada arrived on the ball before Victoria’s keeper but the lob by the Argentine striker missed the target.

1’  Xewkija could have created more danger but an overhead kick by Claudio Daniel Frances from the edge of the area was blocked by Victoria’s defence.

12’ Victoria’s defender Kenneth Mercieca risked to commit an own goal when he hit badly in an attempt to clear a cross by Claudio Daniel Frances but the goalkeeper recovered in time and cleared the danger to a corner.

16’ (protests for penalty) The Wanderers protested for a penalty when Junior Conceicao Cabral finished on the floor inside Xewkja’s area as he tried to pass with a personal action. 

19’ Victoria’s Caique Silvio Souza Da Silva had a good attempt but the ball ended just wide.

20’ The Wanderers kept insisting and a strike by Junior Conceicao Cabral from outside the area was saved to a corner by Xewkija’s goalie Nikola Kosanin.

21’ Victoria went again close to take the lead but a low shot by Caique Silvio Souza Da Siva ended wide.

23’ The Citizens kept insisting with shots from Xewkija’s territory but continued to be erratic as an effort by Junior Conceicao Cabral, after receiving from Caique Silvio Souza Da Silva, ended high.

26’ Victoria’s Marcus Vinicius Claudino Ramos also had a shot from a long distance that just missed the target.

40’ Xewkija could have scored the decisive goal of the encounter when Brian Alejandro Parada ran towards Victoria’s area with a personal action but Victoria’s central defender Alexandre Galiano Lazarini had an excellent recovery and denied the Argentine striker from concluding towards goal with a decisive intervention despite the high risk of committing a penalty and a red card.

FT (SKVW 0 – XT 0)

Referee: Vladimir Rizoski

Asst. Referees: Vasil Vasilev, Paul Apap

Photo: Anthony Cassar

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