GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I

Gozo Stadium – 4 October 2019 

SK Victoria Wanderers : 0

Victoria Hotspurs FC : 3 

7’ (0-1) Elton Da Silva

24’ (0-2) Emiliano Lattes

29’ (0-3) Elton Da Silva


SK Victoria W:

M.T. Towns, A.G. Attard, J. Buhagiar (E. Zammit), I. Misan, N. Doding Priso, S. Harland, O. Curmi, M. Bamba, N. Vella (K. Grima), A. Touarha (G. Cardona), A. Adesina.

Victoria H:

Parnis (D. Galea), L. Grima, E.M. Sidqy, D. Bellotti, C. Mercieca, A. Mizzi (K. Borg), J. Bajada, H. De Souza Maciel (S. Biancardi), E.A. Da Silva, E.P. Lattes, l, C. Abela.


Victoria Hotspurs returned to winning ways, after dropping points from a draw in their previous match of the championship, as they obtained a victory in their derby match against SK Victoria Wanderers.  Victoria Hotspurs continued to show improvement in their play since the beginning of the season and in this match, they managed to impose their superiority, particularly during the first half, when they practically put their minds at rest from the three points.  This was the second win in the championship for the reigning champions and they also remain undefeated after three matches. With this result, which was achieved through a convincing performance, the Hotspurs also regained the status of serious contenders for the third consecutive season to win the main honour in local football.  On the other hand, the Wanderers struggled to be competitive in this derby match. They were coming from a win in their previous match and were aiming to be serious challengers to their neighbours. However, the Wanderers suffered the aggressive play produced by the Hotspurs during the opening half-hour of play and compromised their possibility to obtain a positive result by conceding three goals.  The Wanderers also tried to recover the deficit during the remaining hour of play but their efforts were sterile and Victoria’s rear guard controlled play with authority.


During the opening minutes of the encounter, the Wanderers tried to share play with their more quoted opponents but as soon as the Hotspurs scored the first goal, the latter started to dominate and held command of the match.

5’ The Wanderers created the first serious scoring opportunity of the encounter but a strike from outside the area by Igor Misan ended wide.

7’ (0-1) The Hotspurs opened the score through a shot on the run from the right-hand side by Elton Da Silva that surprised goalie Matthew Towns.

10’ Elton Da Silva took the ball outside the area defended by the Wanderers as goalie Matthew Towns tried to clear the ball from the dangerous territory, but the Brazilian striker had his attempt aimed towards an open goal that ended on the side of the net.

13’ The Wanderers replied through a shot by Sam Harland from a good position, but the effort was weak and goalie Adrian Parnis saved without any difficulty.

15’ In another dangerous action produced by the Hotspurs, Elton Da Silva exchanged the ball with Dylan Bellotti but the former striker had his attempt well blocked by goalie Matthew Towns.

18’ The Hotspurs kept insisting and a header by El Mehdi Sidqy following a corner kick by Emiliano Lattes was neutralised by goalie Matthew Towns.

19’ The Wanderers threatened with a free-kick form long-distance by Anthony George Attard but goalie Adrian Parnis managed to punch away the ball to a corner.

20’ The Hotspurs went again very close to scoring when Elton Da Silva passed through the defence with a personal action but his attempt towards the far post ended just wide.

22’ In another good offensive action produced by the Hotspurs a strike by Christian Mercieca ended just over the crossbar.

24’ (0-2) The Hotspurs doubled the score when the Wanderers’ keeper Matthew Towns managed to block a strike by Emiliano Lattes and from the rebound, Christian Mercieca recovered the ball so that from his pass Emiliano Lattes fired n goal from an angled position.

29’ (0-3) The Hotspurs added another goal through a low shot by Elton Da Silva that ended out of the reach of the goalkeeper after receiving from Henrique Maciel.

36’ The Wanderers could have reduced the score but goalie Adrian Parnis saved to a corner with some difficulty a free kick by Moussa Bamba.

HT (0-3)


The Hotspurs continued to hold control of play after the break although the reduced their momentum and the pressure on their opponents.  The Wanderers took advantage and for most of the second period they created offensive play but they never managed to create serious danger towards goal.

53’ The Hotspurs went again close to scoring when Elton Da Silva entered the area but his shot on the run missed the target.

73’ The Wanderers could have capitalised better from a free-kick but the attempt by Njongo Doding Priso missed the target.

76’ Victoria Hotspurs went very close to score the fourth goal when Elton Da Silva once again passed through the defence with a typical personal action but his attempt ended just wide.

86’ The Hotspurs were denied from scoring with a fine intervention by goalie Matthew Towns who blocked a close-ranged attempt by Christian Mercieca who was released by Henrique Maciel.

FT (0-3)


Referee: Malcolm Spiteri

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