The MFA Council on Monday evening decided on the GFA’s proposal to uphold the standings of this year’s league which was interrupted by the COVID-19 Situation. In a heated 4-hour long meeting, the Football governing body of Malta came to its third vote of the meeting: Whether to confirm the GFA’s almost unanimous decision to uphold the current competition standings. The Council voted in favour of declaring Nadur Youngsters and Sannat Lions champions of there respective levels.

In a decision taken earlier in the meeting, the MFA council voted that no team shall be relegated, regardless if they were already mathematically relegated (no team in Gozo was mathematically relegated). The Council also decided that runners-up of the Second Division, Oratory  Youths, are to be promoted as well. Oratory, according to the suggestion by the GFA, would have been in a play-off with SK Victoria Wanderers (2nd from last from the 1st Div).

The GFA President, Dr Samuel Azzopardi, on a Facebook post, congratulated the teams. The GFA, in full co-operation with the MFA & health authorities, will be looking at when football can return to our fields. The GFA also appeals that fans follow social distance measures and regulations from the Health Department.


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