The last GFA Council Meeting for the season 2019/2020, which took place on June 16th 2020, introduced changes in the competition rules for the next seasons. The League’s format will slightly adapt due to the fallout caused by the global pandemic, which halted Gozitan football in early March when two-thirds of the matches had already been played.



The BOV Gozo Football League of the first division will be contested by nine teams as Gharb Rangers chose to play in the lower category although they were not relegated. This means that for 2020-2021, the second division will be formed of 5 teams. In addition to Gharb Rangers, the 2nd div will also be contested by St. Lawrence Spurs, Munxar Falcons, Qala Saints & Zebbug Rovers.

The 1st Division will be contested by Ghajnsielem, Kercem Ajax, Nadur Youngsters, Oratory Youths, SK Victoria Wanderers, Sannat Lions, Victoria Hotspurs, Xaghra United and Xewkija Tigers.


The first division will have 2 Round Robins, resulting in 72 confrontations between the 9 teams. Meanwhile, the 2nd Division will have 3 round robins resulting in 30 matches.

Relegation & Promotion

At the end of the championship, the last two teams will be automatically relegated to the 2nd Division. No playoff will be played between runner-ups and second-from-last, like previous years.

Foreign players

The teams in the top flight can have two foreign players in their list of players for the matches  For the 2nd Divison, each team can have one foreign player in their list of players for the matches.