Champions Nadur held to a draw by Ghajnsielem

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29 November 2020

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I – Match Day 2 Gozo Stadium

Ghajnsielem FC : 1
Nadur Youngsters FC : 1

43‘ (0-1) Ederson Bruno Domingos
57’ (1-1) Igor Nedeljkovic

Ghajnsielem FC:

A. Parnis, K. Borg, Al. Xuereb, S.F. Bajada, K. Mercieca, K. Farrugia, M. Bezzina (J. Camilleri), J. Arboleda Valencia, J.G. Vella, K. Grima, I. Nedeljkovic.

Nadur Y:

S. Sultana, M. Tabone, L. Tabone, I. Xuereb, C. Camilleri (J. Buttigieg), A. Debrincat (M.P. Camilleri), G. Farrugia, S. Cassar, E. Bruno Domingos, G. Hili, J. Santos Silva.

The first direct clash between two of the contenders for the main honour in Gozitan football this season, champions Nadur Youngsters and Ghajnsielem, ended in a draw of two goals so that the two sides are trailing by two points with the leaders at the end of Match-Day 2 of the championship.

The match lived up to the expectations as they both showed that they have the potential to be competitive for the honours.  Ghajnsielem seemed more aggressive throughout the encounter but Nadur were in good shape at their defence and very often threatened Ghajnsielem’s rear guard with counter breaks.  The two coaches, Nadur’s Andrea Ciaramella and Ghajnsielem’s Daniel Bogdanovic, both had special preparation for this match as the two sides neutralised the strengths of their respective opponent.  The Blacks tried to be more dangerous with offensive play through the flanks, while Nadur operated mainly with vertical actions in an attempt to capitalise from the abilities of their strikers.  Although the win could have gone either way the outcome of this encounter was a just result.


The match had a very aggressive start where the two sides tried to take command of play.

1’ Ghajnsielem could have surprised their opponents after just 23 seconds of play when Jhon Arboleda Valencia entered the area with a personal action but from his cross Igor Nedeljkovic hit badly and the ball ended wide.

2’ In another dangerous action by Ghajnsielem a header by Kevin Farrugia from a free kick by Joseph George Vella ended just over the crossbar.

8’ Nadur replied with an initiative by Stefan Cassar who passed to an unmarked Jorge Santos Silva, but the latter hit badly from a good position and the ball ended wide.

19’ Nadur should have created more danger when Ederson Bruno Domingos won the ball from Ghajnsielem’s defence and released Stefan Cassar inside the area but the latter had his shot that was blocked.

21’ Ghajnsielem replied through a free kick by Joseph George Vella that almost surprised Nadur’s rear guard but Jorge Santos Silva recovered for the champions and denied Kevin Farrugia from concluding towards goal from close distance.

24’ In another good action by Ghajnsielem, Igor Nedeljkovic delivered a cross inside Nadur’s area from the right flank, the defence failed to clear the ball but Jhon Arlboleda Valencia incredibly concluded over the crossbar from close distance.

30’ Nadur’s Ederson Bruno Domingos entered Ghajnsielem’s territory with a personal action but his hit badly in an attempt to provide a low cross towards Jorge Santos Silva so that goalie Adrian Parnis neutralised without any difficulty.

37’ Nadur went close to scoring but a header by Luke Tabone from a corner kick by Chris Camilleri was blocked by Kenneth Mercieca.

39’ The Youngsters protested for a penalty, alleging handling, when a cross by Ederson Bruno Domingos was blocked by the defence.

43’ (0-1) Nadur opened the score when Ederson Bruno Domingos won a ball in the midfield and released Jorge Santos Silva who entered Ghajnsielem’s territory and from his cross Ederson Bruno Domingos netted with a low shot.

HT (0-1)

Ghajnsielem came out more aggressive for the second period in an attempt to recover the deficit and practically took command of play.

2’ Ghajnsielem had an attempt directly from a free kick by Joseph George Vella that ended just over the crossbar.

12’ (1-1) Ghajnsielem levelled the score from a penalty won at the edge of the area by Jhon Arboleda Valencia and the shot by Igor Nedeljkovic got a deflection by the defence and the ball ended in goal.

14’ The Blacks once again threatened Nadur’s goal but an attempt directly from a free kick by Jhon Arboleda Valencia ended just high.

15’ Ghajnsielem kept insisting and produced another serious scoring opportunity when Kurt Grima delivered a low cross inside Nadur’s area and substitute Johnny Camilleri tried to conclude with a back heel but Nadur’s keeper Steve Sultana recovered in time and managed to block the danger so that the defence finally cleared the ball from the goalmouth.

25’ Ghajnsielem’s Jhon Arboleda Valencia took the ball following a miskick by Nadur’s defence, entered the area but Nadur’s keeper Steve Sultana left his position in time and blocked the danger so that he denied Ghajnsielem from taking the lead.

32’ Nadur operated a good action through Jorge Santos Silva who entered Ghajnsielem’s territory form the right flank but he slipped when he tried to cross the ball towards Ederson Bruno Domingos so that Ghajnsielem’s keeper Adrian Parnis had the time to take the ball and to deny Nadur from creating more danger.

40’ Nadur’s last opportunity to clinch the win arrived through an attempt directly from a long ranged free kick by Luke Tabone but the ball ended wide.

FT (GHJ 1 – NY 1)

Referee: Philip Farrugia

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