Munxar win direct clash for the third spot

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4 March 2023

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division II (MD 13) Kercem Arkafort Stadium

Zebbug Rovers FC : 1

Munxar Falcons FC : 2

14’ (1-0) Ryan Saliba

55’ (1-1) Henry Fabian Solis

66’ (1-2) Henry Fabian Solis

Zebbug R:

F. Portelli, P. Spiteri, M. Formosa (J. Magro), A. Abela (C. Cauchi), C. Gauci, R. Saliba, L. Atzori, E. Gauci, P. Muscat (J.G. Da Silva) , O. Atzori.

Munxar F:

D. Spiteri, J.K. Farrugia, P. Parnis, A. Buttigieg, G. Attard, R. Meilak, H.F. Solis, M. Zerafa, M. Debrincat, M. Farrugia, K. Mizzi.

Munxar Falcons turned a defeat into a 2-1 win in their match against Zebbug Rovers and at the end of Match Day-13 of the campaign they will be alone in third place on the table.  For this match, the two sides were aiming to obtain a win in an attempt to recover from the disappointing result of the respective previous match and as a result, the encounter turned out to be well contested.

Zebbug seemed heading towards a win as they took the break with a one-goal lead and seemed in a position to control play but Munxar came out determined for the second period and capitalised from two mistakes by Zebbug’s defence so that the Falcons obtained the win.  Zebbug’s reaction was sterile and failed to create danger towards Munxar’s goal so they ended up conceding another defeat.  This was also Munxar’s third win over Zebbug in the campaign as the former already obtained close wins over the Rovers in the matches between the two sides of the first two rounds.


Munxar were more dangerous in their play during the opening minutes but Zebbug took the lead in their first serious action within Munxar’s territory.  The Rovers gained confidence and dictated matters for the rest of the first half but they failed to increase their lead.

8’ Munxar had a good opportunity to open the score when Henry Fabian Solis came face to face with the goalkeeper but the striker concluded badly and the ball ended wide.

12’ Munxar’s striker Henry Fabian Solis missed another good scoring opportunity as his attempt from an ideal position missed the target.

14’ (1-0) Zebbug surprised their opponents and took the lead when Lorenzo Atzori entered Munxar’s area from the left flank and from his inviting cross Ryan Saliba deposited the ball easily into an open goal.

37’ The Rovers were again dangerous through an effort by Lorenzo Atzori but goalie Damian Spiteri was well-paced and saved the danger in two attempts.

42’ (post) Zebbug went very close to double the score but a shot from close distance by Peter Muscat following a corner action was stopped by the post and the defence managed to clear the danger from the resultant melee.

44’ (goal disallowed) Munxar created danger within Zebbug’s area and Mark Debrincat netted from a close distance but the goal was disallowed for an offside infringement.

HT (1-0)

Second Half

Munxar came out motivated to recover the deficit after the break while Zebbug seemed overconfident and the latter ended up compromising the lead.  Munxar took full advantage and turned the result in their favour so that during the final stages the Falcons defended well and denied Zebbug from going close to save the result.

10’ (1-1) Munxar levelled the score when Henry Fabian Solis entered Zebbug’s territory and netted with a lob over the goalkeeper who was out of his position.

21’ (1-2) The Falcons kept insisting and scored the goal that decided the issue when Zebbug’s defence cleared inside their area a cross by Mark Debrincat and Henry Fabian Solis took advantage and fired in goal from an unmarked position.

30’ Munxar could have made sure of the win by scoring another goal but a shot by Aron Buttigieg following a clearance by Zebbug’s defence ended high.

FT (ZR 1 – MF 2)

Referee: Raiden Psaila

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