Hotspurs end a dark patch with an easy win

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20 February 2021

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I – Match Day 8 Gozo Stadium

Victoria Hotspurs FC : 7

Xaghra United FC : 0

9’ (1-0) Christian Mercieca

30’ (2-0) Christian Attard

36’ (3-0) Shaun Attard

41’ (4-0) Paulo Santos De Azevedo

52’ (5-0) Henrique De Souza Maciel

69’ (6-0) penalty Paulo Santos De Azevedo

78’ (red card) Nebojsa Biculjevic (XU)

80’ (7-0) Joseph Mario Vella

Victoria H:

M. Grima, J. Azzopardi (A. Azzopardi), L. Grima, C. Attard (J. Parnis), J.M. Vella, C. Mercieca, J. Pace (D. Farrugia), S. Bajada (D. Bellotti), H. De Souza Maciel, S. Attard, P. Santos De Azevedo.

Xaghra U:

V. Agius, Joh. Bajada, N. Biculjevic, A. Sultana, M. Cordina, L. Sultana, Jo. Attard, J. Formosa (Jos. Bajada), E. Xiberras, F. Rodrigues De Souza Santos, J.K. Farrugia.

Victoria Hotspurs registered an impressive 7-0 win over bottom placed Xaghra United so that they returned to winning ways, after conceding two defeat and a draw in the championship and a defeat in the match from the third round of the FA Trophy.

The was the penultimate match of the first round for the Hotspurs but it was the last match of the first round for Xaghra and both teams were aiming to obtain points for different ambitions.  The Hotspurs needed the win to maintain their hopes to re-join the top positions on the table while Xaghra were aiming to obtain at least the first point in the championship, particularly after winning an important qualification in the FA Trophy.  However, in this match the Hotspurs dominated throughout the ninety minutes where striker Henrique Maciel created continuous danger to Xaghra’s defence.  The Hotspurs paved the way to the large win by scoring four goals during the fuirst period and practically managed to protect their area to the point that they rarely conceded space for xaghra to conclude their sporadic offensive actions.


The Hotspurs, who were led from the bench by the Assistant coach Shaun Attard, took command of play from the early stages of the encounter.

4’ Victoria’s Henrique Maciel won the ball from the defence but his overhead kick missed the target.

6’ Xaghra replied through a low shot from outside the area by Ettiene Xiberras that was weak and easily saved by goalie Mark Grima.

7’ Victoria’s striker Paulo Santos De Azevedo entered Xaghra’s area from the left flank with a personal action but his low drive aimed towards the far post ended wide.

9’ (1-0) Victoria Hotspurs opened the score when Henrique Maciel released Christian Mercieca who entered the area and placed in goal with a low shot as the goalkeeper left his position in an attempt to block the danger.

16’ Victoria Hotspurs could have capitalised better when Xaghra’s defence failed to clear the ball from the goalmouth but Paulo Santos De Azevedo and Christian Mercieca did not manage to conclude from the melee.

24’ In another offensive action by the Hotspurs, Henrique Maciel unmarked Christian Mercieca but the latter saw his first timer that ended away from Xaghra’s goal.

29’ Xaghra’s goalie Victor Agius was well placed and managed to neutralise a header by Paulo Santos De Azevedo following a cross from long distance by Joseph Mario Vella.

30’ (2-0) The Fotspurs doubled the score when Henrique Maciel passed to Christian Attard in the area and the latter conclude din goal with a low shot.

33’ Xaghra replied with an attempt form a free kick by Matthias Cordina that ended over the crossbar.

36’ (3-0) Victoria’s third goal arrived through another initiative by Henrique Maciel.  On this occasion the Brazilian striker passed to Shaun Attard at the edge of Xaghra’s area and the latter surprised the goalkeeper with a low shot.

41’ (4-0) The Hotspurs added another goal when Paulo Santos De Azevedo entered Xaghra’s area from the left flank with a personal action and had his shot from an angled position that was deflected by a defender and the ball ended in goal.

45’ Xaghra’s goalie Victor Agius was again called to make a good intervention when he partially saved a free kick by Christian Mercieca and the defence cleared the danger from the area.

HT (4-0)

The Hotspurs continues to produce pressure over Xaghra’s defence from the early stages of the second period.

3’ Victoria Hotspurs protested for a penalty when Paulo Santos De Azevedo ended on the floor in Xaghra’s area as he trying to pass with a personal action but was challenged by an opponent.

7’ (5-0) Victoria Hotspurs scored their fifth goal through a direct free kick by Henrique Maciel that ended out of the reach of the goalkeeper.

9’ Xaghra’s keeper Victor Agius managed to block a low shot by Christian Mercieca following another initiative by Henrique Maciel.

19’ The same goalkeeper left his position in time to take the ball and near the edge of the area and denied Victoria’s striker Paulo Santos De Azevedo from concluding towards goal.

23’ (6-0) penalty – Victoria Hotspurs were awarded a penalty for a foul by Jacob Kyle Farrugia on Paulo Santos De Azevedo and the same Brazilian striker converted from the spot kick.

27’ The Hotspurs could have scored another goal when Paulo Santos De Azevedo entered Xaghra’s area, turned around the goalkeeper but missed the opportunity to conclude towards goal.  However, Victoria’s Shaun Attard arrived on the ball but the latter had his low shot that was blocked to a corner by central defender Anthony Muscat.

28’ Victoria had another good attempt through a long ranged shot by Joseph Mario Vella that ended just over the crossbar.

29’ Victoria’s Shaun Attard could have registered his second personal goal in this match but his shot, following a pass by Paulo Santos De Azevedo, ended high.

33’ (red card) Xaghra were reduced to ten players when central defender Nebojsa Biculjevic floored Paulo Santos De Azevedo who was entering alone in the area and was shown a red card for denying an open scoring opportunity.

35’ (7-0) From the resultant free kick the Hotspurs sealed the win through the shot by Joseph Mario Vella directly from the set-piece.

FT (VH 7 – XU 0)

Referee: Slawomir Olucha

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