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On Thursday 5th August at the GFA’s headquarters, the draws for the upcoming 2021-2022 season were held in a low-profile meeting.

The BOV Gozo Football League of the first division will be contested by eight teams. Matchday 1 for the First Division is scheduled to be played between 3rd and 6th September, with the following matches:

  • Xewkija Tigers vs Oratory Youths
  • Sannat Lions vs Victoria Hotspurs
  • SKVW vs Kercem Ajax
  • Ghajnsielem vs Nadur Youngsters

Below are the sequence and match combinations for the new season for both levels of Gozo Football League and Knockout. Fixtures will be finalised and published in a few days. Keep updated by subscribing to GFA Push notifications.

Fixtures for September 2021 published

GFL 1st Div.
Match Sequence
Xewkija TigersOratory YouthsSannat LionsNadur YoungstersSK Victoria WanderersKercem AjaxGhajnsielemVictoria Hotspurs
Oratory YouthsXewkija TigersKercem AjaxSannat LionsGhajnsielemNadur YoungstersVictoria HotspursSK Victoria Wanderers
Sannat LionsVictoria HotspursXewkija TigersOratory YouthsNadur YoungstersSK Victoria WanderersKercem AjaxGhajnsielem
Victoria HotspursSannat LionsNadur YoungstersSK Victoria WanderersKercem AjaxGhajnsielemOratory YouthsXewkija Tigers
SKVWKercem AjaxGhajnsielemVictoria HotspursXewkija TigersSannat LionsNadur YoungstersOratory Youths
Kercem AjaxSK Victoria WanderersOratory YouthsGhajnsielemVictoria HotspursXewkija TigersSannat LionsNadur Youngsters
Nadur YoungstersGhajnsielemVictoria HotspursXewkija TigersSannat LionsOratory YouthsSK Victoria WanderersKercem Ajax
GHAJNSIELEMNadur YoungstersSK Victoria WanderersKercem AjaxOratory YouthsVictoria HotspursXewkija TigersSannat Lions

GFL 2nd Div.

AQala SaintsXaghra UnitedSt. Lawrence SpursMunxar FalconsGharb RangersZebbug Rovers
BXaghra UnitedQala SaintsZebbug RoversGharb RangersSt. Lawrence SpursMunxar Falcons
CZebbug RoversGharb RangersXaghra UnitedSt. Lawrence SpursMunxar FalconsQala Saints
DGharb RangersZebbug RoversMunxar FalconsXaghra UnitedQala SaintsSt. Lawrence Spurs
EMunxar FalconsSt. Lawrence SpursGharb RangersQala SaintsZebbug RoversXaghra United
FSt. Lawrence SpursMunxar FalconsQala SaintsZebbug RoversXaghra UnitedGharb Rangers


Prel.1C SKVWvsDGharb Rangers
Prel.2E Sannat LionsvsFZebbug Rovers 
Prel.3IVictoria Hotspurs vsJ Xaghra United
Prel.4M Xewkija TigersvsNKercem Ajax 
Prel.5 Nadur YoungstersvsHSt. Lawrence Spurs
Prel.6K  Ghajnsielemvs LMunxar Falcons 
 QF 1AOratory YouthsvsC vs D 
 QF 2BQala SaintsvsE vs F 
 QF 3G vs H vsI vs J 
 QF 4K vs L vsM vs N 
Semi Final 1QF 1 vsQF 3 
Semi Final 2QF 2 vsQF 4 
FinalSF 1 vsSF 2 

GFA 1st Div. KO

QF. 1ASannat LionsvsBVictoria Hotspurs
QF. 2CGhajnsielemvsDSK Victoria Wanderers
QF.3EKercem AjaxvsFXewkija Tigers
QF.4GOratory YouthsvsHNadur Youngsters
Semi Final 1QF. 1 vsQF. 2 
Semi Final 2QF.3 vsQF. 4 

GFA 2nd Div. KO

Prel.1ASt. Lawrence Spurs  vsBQala Saints
Prel.2C Xaghra UnitedvsDGharb Rangers
Semi Final 1A vs B vsEZebbug Rovers 
Semi Final 2C vs D vsF Munxar Falcons  
FinalSF 1 vsSF 2 

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