Qala, and Kercem confirm a positive start in the championship

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16 September 2022

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I (MD 2) Gozo Stadium

12′ (0-1) Luiz Henrique Santana Motta

27’ (1-1) Joshua Buttigieg

40’ (1-2) o.g. Joao Vitor Ferrari Silva

58’ (2-2) Ayesller Carvalho

68’ (2-3) Bruno Da Cruz

78’ (3-3) Rafael Conrado Prudente

Qala S:

F. Vella, L. Grima, J. Buttigieg, J.V. Ferrari Silva, J. Buttigieg, A. Carvalho, E. Buttigieg, J. Parnis, R.C. Prudente, N.C. Njoku (L. Attard ), M. Xerri (M. Buttigieg).

Kercem A:

D. Spiteri, D. Cassar (A. Zammit), N. Mercieca, L.H. Santana Motta, J. Theuma, B. Da Cruz, P. Vinicius De Moraes Ferreira, A. Mizzi, K. Formosa (G. Cardona), S. Azzopardi, M.V. Da Costa Soares Da Silva.

Qala Saints and Kercem Ajax shared six goals in an entertaining match so that the two sides earned a point each from their second match of the championship.  The two sides were coming from a win in their respective debut of the 2022/2023 championship and thus they were both aiming to consolidate their good start.

Both Qala and Kercem confirmed their strong potential expressed in the previous match and the final score of the match was just although the win could have gone either way.  Kercem may have expressed better manoeuvre but they did not capitalise enough during their best patches of play so that Qala managed to produce a strong reaction and on three occasions they recovered the score.  The Maroons, who were playing once again without a fourth foreign player, were rewarded for their determination and in the end, they deserved the point obtained.  During the first half, the two sides produced very few opportunities toward goal but after the break, the match became more aggressive and with dangerous actions at the two ends of the field of play.


Kercem tried to take command of the play and managed to hold the initiative play during the opening stages.  However, they reduced their pressure after scoring the first goal so that Qala recovered well and levelled the score with the result that the match became much more interesting.

7’ Qala created the first serious scoring opportunity when Jordi Parnis entered Kercem’s area from the right flank but his shot from an angled position ended wide.

12’ (0-1) Kercem opened the score through a fine header by central defender Luiz Henrique Santana Motta following a corner kick by Nathaniel Mercieca.

27’ (1-1) Qala clinched the equaliser from a short corner action taken by Ayesller Carvalho and Manwel Xerri’s cross arrived to Joshua Buttigieg who headed in a goal from close distance.

40’ (1-2) Kercem regained the lead when Karl Formosa released Bruno Da Cruz inside Qala’s area.  The latter fired a low shot and Qala’s central defender Joao Vitor Ferrari Silva hit badly in an attempt to clear the ball from the fatal line and committed an own goal.

41′ Qala replied through an attempt from close distance by Nathan Chukwudi Njoku following a cross from the right flank that just missed the target.

HT (1-2)

Second Half

Qala came out more aggressive after the break in an attempt to recover the deficit.  During the opening stages, Qala produced pressure on their opponents and levelled the sore and the outcome of the match continued to be uncertain.

2’ (protests for penalty) Qala protested for a penalty when Rafael Conrado Prudente ended on the floor inside Kercem’s area following a challenge with Bruno Da Cruz.

4’ The Maroons could have capitalised better but a shot from a good position by Joshua Buttigieg following a cross from the right flank by Lawrence Grima missed the target.

13’ (2-2) Qala’s efforts were rewarded and scored their second equaliser when Jordi Parnis produced a good move from the left flank, his low cross surprised the defence and Ayesller Carvalho placed in goal with a low shot.

19’ (post) Kercem went very close to regaining the lead but a header by Marcos Vinicius Da Costa Soares Da Silva following a cross from the right flank hit the post with the goalkeeper beaten.

23’ (2-3) The Ajax however took the lead for the third time with a spectacular strike from outside the area by Bruno Da Cruz, after receiving from Pablo Vinicius Ferreira, that ended out of the reach of Qala’s keeper.

28’ Qala’s goalie Franklin Vella was well placed and blocked a close ranged header by Andrew Mizzi following a cross from the right flank by Karl Formosa.

33’ (3-3) Qala once again managed to recover the score with a goal that arrived from a corner kick by Ayesller Carvalho that was headed into the goal by Rafael Conrado Prudente.

35’ (post, goal disallowed) Kercem were again unlucky as a strike by Andrew Mizzi from outside the area was stopped by the post and from the rebound, Pablo Vinicius Ferreria concluded in goal but the referee disallowed for an offside infringement.

45+2’ Qala went closest to scoring the decisive goal but a long-range shot by Emanuel Buttigieg just missed the target.

FT (QS 3 – KA 3)

Referee: Alex Johnson

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